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Alex Neman in May 2023

Alexander Neman (born January 21, 1999) currently lives in Surabaya, Indonesia. He loves music, movies, television, automobiles and more.

My activity on Wikimedia Commons[edit]

I usually take photos of cars (sometimes motorcycles) on the roads in Surabaya and East Java. Occasionally, I also take photos of cars on the roads in Jakarta, West Java, Central Java and Bali. Not only photos of cars, I also take photos of people and rear views of people. The photos that I took were uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. I usually also upload some logos and/or wordmarks (especially bank and shopping mall logos) and transfer some photos from Flickr using Flickr2Commons and Upload Wizard. I also adding missing categories on existing car images. On November 28, 2019, I began cropping some previously uploaded (or existing) photos. My photos can be reused for any purpose, as long as credits are given.

Smartphones that I used to take photos[edit]

Previously, I usually took photos using Oppo R7 (2016–2018) and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (2018–2020). Currently, I take photos using Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (since December 2020).

Sometimes, I also used someone's iPhone to take some photos.


After my English Wikipedia account has been blocked indefinitely in January 2020 due to edit warring, block evasion and continuously sockpuppeting, I still active here on Wikimedia Commons.

My Wikimedia Commons account has been previously blocked for one month on July 28, 2020 after uploaded personal files (including my selfies and rear views) that are out of the project scope, because Wikimedia Commons is not your personal free web host. I became active again on Wikimedia Commons the following month.

My Wikimedia Commons account has been previously blocked for one month on January 27, 2023 after mistakenly added Template:Delete on one of image files to nominate for deletion. However, the template is not for speedy deletion. I requested to unblock my Wikimedia Commons account account on February 2, 2023 and was successfully unblocked.

My favourites[edit]

I am also a friend of Indonesian video content creator, Jerome Polin, and also a fan of Jerome Polin. I am also a fan of Indonesian singers who graduated from Indonesian Idol, Ghea Indrawari and Tiara Andini.

My uploads[edit]

The FIFA World Cup wordmark I uploaded for the fourth most viewed article on English Wikipedia as of December 2022 (see statistics here).

Personal files[edit]

See User:Alex Neman/Personal files

Selected car images[edit]

See User:Alex Neman/Selected car images and User:Alex Neman/Selected car images by Dinkun Chen (2023-24)

My latest uploads[edit]

See my latest uploads here

Appearance on other websites[edit]

Some car photos that I took has been appeared on other websites:

My social media account[edit]

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