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History of account


Hi, I'm new in Wikipedia Commons.

I'm mainly working in as Alex_brollo -- sometimes I came into en:wiki as Alex_brollo too. My main field of interest into wiki projects are horses; I'm a member of the Barefoot horse movement.

My name is Alessandro Brollo (Alex); I live in Italy (Monfalcone), just at the borders of Italian Karst.




As a pathologist (but it's far from my preferred topic here), I created two new categories: Normal histology and Histopathology. I'll post some microscopic image, with the policy to add always a normal tissue picture for every pathologic picture, paired by coloration and enlargement. I'm beginning with prostate (1 normal, 2 abnormal; nov. 2005).


Many other images have been added by now! A real example of "wiki butterfly effect". Recently I worked a little again to categorize those new images into Category:Histopathology (Summer 2006).


I'm presently very interested into wikisource project, I'm working into en.s and in it.s. Coupled with some djvu file management, I really enjoy it, even if it's a hard work... the best is: NOTHING ABOUT NPOV!


Javascript discovered.... great language, unlimited opportunities!

2012 AJAX, API and JSON slowly explored

Some of my contr about horses