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Some scripts by me[edit]

Self compiling Creator tool 1.png
User talk:Alex brollo or Special:EmailUser/Alex brollo

If you write into your vector.js:

importScript("User:Alex brollo/Library.js");

you will load my fastly evolving collection of js script

You'll see a row of buttons into right bottom of the page:

Project 1: self compiling Creator template[edit]

Self compiling Creator tool 2.png

Here some doc about what you can do with three buttons: metadati it:x, metadati en:w and creator.

Go into a Creator page, Creator:Emilio Salgari is used for screenshot.

Click on metadati it:w button. This is what you get:

Self compiling Creator tool 3.png

Now enter in Creator:Emilio Salgari page in edit mode. Click metadati en:w button. You'll get a similar box with data coming from Infobox of Emilio Salgari in Now click creator button and page will be filled with a new Creator code, where data are wrapped.

Box data persists so that it's easy to find and fix manually any parsing mistake (by now, en dates are badly parsed).

Not shown into screenshot, at the bottom of Creator wikicode there's too the code for a Home category Category:Emilio Salgari wrappend into a html comment; you can cut it, to use it to create/edit category as soon as Creator page has been saved.