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Notice This is a suggestion, not a policy page. Source: Commons:Username policy.

Well-known names and names of organizations[edit]

System-search.svgSee also: Commons:Role accounts.

Well-known names

Do not use a username that implies you are (or are related to) a specific, identifiable person, unless it is your real name. If you have the same name as a well-known person to whom you are unrelated, and are using your real name, you should state clearly on your userpage that you are unrelated to the well-known person. If you are a well-known person, you need to have your account verified.


Use of the names of organizations is allowed on Commons only if you verify your account, proving that you are or represent the respective organization. While Commons allows using the name of an organization as a username, English Wikipedia and many other Wikimedia projects do not. You can use different accounts for Commons and Wikipedia, but if you want to use the same account for all projects you should comply with the more restrictive Wikipedia username policy.

Be aware that your organization account is responsible for all of its edits. Do not give any employee that doesn't fully understand Commons policies access to the account credentials. Policy violations will not be waived because "Jerry did it".

Using Commons to upload promotional material that is outside of Commons' scope is not permitted, even if the account has been verified. Unambiguously promotional accounts may be blocked.

Account verification

If you want to verify your account, do one or both of the following:

  • Use an official e-mail account to send an e-mail to, stating that the account in question belongs to you or the organization. Please be aware that the OTRS system that handles e-mail is operated entirely by volunteers.
  • Link a page on your website or a verified social media account from your user page at Commons and link back to your Commons user page from that page/account.