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This version uses CSS to suppress those icons which do not exist, but therefore displays *all* icons which do exist in each series; there are up to 33 icons in each series.

Add the following to your monobook.css user subpage:

  Begin CSS from User:AlisonW/Rail Icons.
  This CSS hides the ugly text links to the file
  description pages of nonexistent rail icons.

.check-icon {
   display: none; 
   speak: none;

  End CSS from User:AlisonW/Rail Icons.
It helps a lot to use this table on a wide-screen display!


Note that the number of metals (tracks) is not normally signified in the graphic.

dark colour means a currently open line / facility
light colour means either a closed line / route / facility or one under construction / planned
red colour indicates heavy rail or freight line
blue colour indicates light rail, metro or tram line


t means 'tunnel'
u means 'unter'/'underground', eg metro and light rail
v indicates close parallel lines
m (DE:Mischbetrieb mit U-Bahn) indicates that the icon contains both heavy and light rail in the same pictogram
d and ed (for DE:dünne) are half-width symbols, used in pairs and not shown on this page.
Full list of prefixes in table below


l normally means to left / links / gauche
r normally means to right / rechts / droit
a normally means at start / anfang / debut
e normally means at end / ende / fin
f normally means forward (down) / fahrtrichtung
g normally means backward (up) or straight / gegenrichtung oder geradeaus
o normally means over / oben
u normally means under / unten
other codes are built up from joining these together
Prefix Example Line Type Feature Tunnel Note
(none) BSicon BHF.svg Open Heavy Open
xp BSicon pBHF.svg Open Heavy Open Express service; doesn't stop here
x BSicon xABZgr+l.svg Part open Heavy Open will have suffix to show which part
e BSicon eBHF.svg Open Heavy Closed
ex BSicon exBHF.svg Closed Heavy Closed
t BSicon tBHF.svg Open Heavy Open Tunnel
et BSicon etBHF.svg Open Heavy Closed Tunnel
ext BSicon extBHF.svg Closed Heavy Closed Tunnel
v BSicon vBHF.svg Open Paired Open
ev BSicon evBHF.svg Open Paired Closed
xv Closed & Open Paired Open
exv BSicon exvBHF.svg Closed Paired Closed
u BSicon uBHF.svg Open Metro Open
ux BSicon uxABZgl.svg Part Open Metro Open will have suffix to show which part
ue BSicon ueBHF.svg Open Metro Closed includes some 'uex' mis-codes
uex BSicon uexBHF.svg Closed Metro Closed Some 'uex' mis-coded as 'ue'
ut BSicon utBHF.svg Open Metro Open Tunnel
uet BSicon uetBHF.svg Open Metro Closed Tunnel
uxt BSicon uxtABZgl.svg Closed Metro Open Tunnel Through route closed, side route open
uext BSicon uextBHF.svg Closed Metro Closed Tunnel
m BSicon mKRZ.svg Open(H) & Open(L) Both Mischbetrieb mit U-Bahn
xm BSicon xmKRZ.svg Close(H) & Open(L) Both
em BSicon emKRZ.svg Open(H) & Close(L) Both
exm BSicon exmKRZ.svg Close(H) & Close(L) Both
um BSicon umKRZ.svg Open(H) & Open(L) Both Mischbetrieb mit U-Bahn
uxm BSicon uxmKRZ.svg Open(H) & Close(L) Both
uem BSicon uemKRZ.svg Close(H) & Open(L) Both
uexm BSicon uexmKRZ.svg Close(H) & Close(L) Both
Special IDs which have a partial code as part of the base ID are highlighted