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Allan Aguilar
Editor de Wikidata, San José, Costa Rica, 2014-07-01 AA 01.jpg
At home, playing a Wikidata Game.
Born 20 October 1984
La Uruca, Costa Rica
Residence San Sebastián, Costa Rica
Other names Ralgis
Occupation Journalist
Political party Broad Front
Religious beliefs Evangelicalism
Parents Russtony (father)

My name is Allan Aguilar. I'm a journalist and an amateur photographer. I'm also a member of Wikimedia Spain and of Wikimedians of Costa Rica.

I have attended to Wikimania 2013 and 2014, Costa Rica meetups 1 and 2, and Iberoconf 2014. I made a submission for Wikimania 2014 about cryptography, but it was denied. And I joined to the photowikimeetups during Wikimania 2014 and Iberoconf 2014.


I have a lot to do in here, and believe I will never come to a rest.

  • Uploading works of art in the public domain
    • Kazimir Malevich
    • Isaac Levitan
    • Francisco Goya
    • Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    • Gustav Klimt
  • Uploading own photographs
    • Costa Rican folklore and people
    • Wikimedia
      • Wikimania 2013
      • Wikimania 2014
      • Iberoconf 2014
      • WikiTour Argentina 2014
    • Travels
      • Hong Kong
      • London
  • Uploading free portraits
    • Hugo Chávez
    • Nicolás Maduro
    • Jacob Appelbaum
    • Julian Assange
    • Richard Stallman


Commons File mover.svg This user has file mover rights on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)

I contribute as license reviewer, as file renamer, as patroller, and as rollbacker. Sometimes, I upload photographs of my own.

I also participated in Wiki Tour Argentina 2014 photo contest, and in Mother Nature Strikes Back photo challenge.



These are galleries of all the files I have uploaded.

  1. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Heraldry
  4. Maps
  5. Bands
  6. Fonts
  7. Free software
  8. Hardware
  9. Astronomy
  10. Politicians
  11. Protests
  12. Social networks
  13. Cypherpunks
  14. Hacker culture
  15. Oxygen icons
  16. People
  17. Spain
  18. Wikipedia and other projects
  19. Nature
  20. Animals
  21. Christmas
  22. Monuments and statues
  23. Johann Sebastian Bach
  24. Morocco
  25. Cities and buildings
  26. Wikimania 2013
  27. WM-CR
  28. Wikimania 2014
  29. Wiki Tour Argentina 2014
  30. Presidential Emergency Operations Center on 9/11
  31. Graves
  32. Wikipedia 15
  33. Manga and anime
  34. Films
  35. Francisco Lacueva


You can find my contact information at