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Aloha. My name is Mark James Miller and I am an artist and photographer living in the Northern California area.

I much relate to my Hawaiian heritage and feel that it is important to share as much as is possible within the current restraints of copyright and privacy. While many images may predate the 1923 dating for public domain...many may not be acceptable for uploading to commons if they have not been previously published or their copyright has been reregistered in the United States under international law. For this reason, personal, family images should NEVER be used by Commons without the strict permission of the copyright holder. If any image I have uploaded is determined not to be in the public domain, please inform me, so that permissions may be requested from the copyright holder (if family, it is possible that I may be able to obtain such permissions). These images retain their copyright 70 years past the lifetime of the author, however many images that still retain copyright may be obtained for encyclopedic value by many Kānaka Maoli if they do not perceive they are being taken advantage of and that the use of the image will help educate others without being obtained in an objectionable manner.

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Example of work donated: "Sunday Morning in the mines" (1818–1878) by Charles Christian Nahl. Photographed from the original work
Raley Field in West Sacramento California. Home of the River Cats
From: "The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome" by Samuel Ball Platner (1904) as scanned by Felix Just, S.J., PhD. It has been modified for color and contrast, and altered, in that some buildings have been highlighted in yellow to distinguish them against the background of the image. All alterations for reconstructing this map were done by Wikipedia and Commons member Amadscientist/Mark James Miller