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Thank you for dropping by my user page. There is much high-quality, free-use media in the world, only a fraction of which is available online. I contribute to the Wikimedia Commons because I believe that providing the world with access to this media is important and valuable.

One of my most regular activities here on the Commons is adding categories to media that have none. Categories are the main way that media can be found. It is no use for an image to be hosted on the Commons if the people who would make use of it can't find it. There is a large backlog, so your help in reducing it would be greatly appreciated!

At present, it is far too common for images of nudity to appear in general categories. People should not be subjected to nudity if they are not looking for it. For example, a person scrolling through the "People wearing wristwatches" category is not looking for images of nude people wearing wristwatches. As such, I believe that images of nudity should only appear in nudity-specific categories. Most images of nudity on the Commons serve no educational purpose and I would be glad if they were all deleted, but as the official guideline on the subject states, "at the moment there are no guidelines or policies as to what the acceptable bounds of content should be at Commons." Unless a strong guideline develops to support the mass deletion of these images, moving them from general categories to nudity-specific subcategories is the best solution I've found.

Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. I'd be glad to hear from you.