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Attempting to navigate my way safely through US copyright waters, uploading and editing as I go.

Currently working on[edit]

Adding appropriately licensed images of NZ species, particularly from Landcare Research Ltd, Auckland Museum & any appropriately licensed iNaturalist images, improving metadata associated with images, particularly Biodiversity Heritage Library images. Also continuing to work with BHL images imported into Wikicommons, adding creator and category pages for artists and combining this with my Wikidata work. Note to self: Wikidata infobox! {{Wikidata Infobox}}

  • Work on this.
  • These need to be uploaded if not already.

To do list[edit]

  • Remember to do Category:Reise Fregatte Novara (Volume 2 Section 2). NZ plates around CXXXI.
  • See also these Meyrick illustrations of moths NZ species likely here.
  • Charles Heaphy (from three organisations) - Sum of All Paintings and "depicts" - my own mini project
  • Look at Auckland Museum Buddle photograph set - No known copyright or CC BY 4.0 - see here
  • Archives NZ War Art digitisation project, also art in Archives NZ. See this as an example of in copyright but licensed reuse of image.

Art photo template[edit]

See Template:Art Photo and this blog on why and how.

Bulk Uploading[edit]

New Years Resolution. See Pattypan. See NZ grasses!

Reminder re credit line & other information[edit]

Guidance given here
Remember to add LicenseReview markup (without colon) to other information of Wizard if possible.
Extracted image markup example Image extracted
Public domain NZ see PD-New Zealand without :
See this example for camera location - iNaturalist observations manually uploaded.

Images sourced from the Auckland War Memorial Museum[edit]

Auckland War Memorial Museum  Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q758657
Auckland War Memorial Museum
Native name Tāmaki Paenga Hira
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Coordinates 36° 51′ 37″ S, 174° 46′ 40″ E Link to OpenStreetMap Link to Google Maps Edit this at Wikidata
Established October 25, 1852
Web page
Authority control
institution QS:P195,Q758657
  • For specimen images consider using this example of a template

BHL project[edit]

See this page for info on project
Information on duplicates see this


See this for source template this. For Commons images added to wikidata see this or there is this example. For Wikiblitz etc see this.

Multispecies images test example for describing and markup[edit]

Wikilovesinat tool[edit]

Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd images[edit]

Requested attribution for images with photographer name example: Birgit E. Rhode, Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd with link back to Landcare Research website. See this as an example.

Example of nice description of cropped insect image[edit]

Duplicate image markup[edit]

  • See this information Markup is Curley bracket x2 Duplicate | 1= jpg file name Curley bracket x2

Wikidata and Wikicommons[edit]

  • See this tool as explained in this video at 28 min mark.
  • A good example of structured data on commons for an image

Commons category for species images[edit]

  • See this for simple category for species images.
  • See this for more complex cateogry for species images.
  • Dont forget to add {{Wikidata Infobox}}

Seen this for MOVIES[edit]



How to bulk edit categories of images - Example Cagegory:Landcare Research.

  • First create category and if needed Wikidata entry for institution.
  • Next go to Help:VisualFileChange.js
  • At present I'm only using the "Just try it before installing".
  • Search for text that is in all images you want to categories. For Landcare Research images I used "".
  • Scroll down the list to the end to ensure all images can be selected.
  • Go back up to the top of the page.
  • Then select "append any text" and tick "(De-)select all uploaded" box.
  • Type in category markup ie Category:Landcare Research without the first :
  • Then press "execute" and wait for it to run.
  • To get result of views per page see - this tool.

Rawpixel and others claiming copyright over public domain images after "cleaning up" the image[edit]

Rawpixel appears to be a company that takes public domain images and makes minor changes to the image and then claims copyright over them. Where I come across these images the appropriate tag is Modifications-ineligible without the :. See this as an example of how to for metadata.

Creative NZ youtube[edit]

These appear to be licensed under CC BY 4.0 and are a great source of images for New Zealand artists!

SEE THIS[edit]

Page with tools
ISA competition see on programme under GLAM & twitter
Magnus tools - Linked into slides
ACDC - added to tools
Petscan - list of commons files, added box for statements - all files same P180 statement, start QS - feed into Quick Statements - add to files via quick statements.