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I'm Amir and I want to help Wikipedia to get more information from free domain sources and my own experiences and knowledge. My main field of research is in Organic chemistry and Asymmetric synthesis as well as studying Organophosphorus chemistry, Industrial chemistry and molecular modeling. I also teach freshman chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry.

Activity Number
Contributed articles 6
2D Molecular Illustrations 37
3D Molecular Illustrations 121

Contributed articles to Wikipedia[edit]

Methylphosphonic acid dichloride

Dimethylamidophosphoric dichloride

Dimethylamidophosphoric dicyanide


2-Bromobutyric acid

Diethyl dithiophosphoric acid

2D Molecular Illustrations Sarin-2D-by-AHRLS-2011.png[edit]

3D Molecular Illustrations Methylphosphonic-dichloride-3D-balls-by-AHRLS-2012.png[edit]