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Jean-Philippe Béland, CD, B.Eng, RMC
Jean-Philippe Béland, CD, B.Eng, RMC
I use this account for my personal contributions. I have a professional account for my work as independent contractor for Wikimedia Canada: JP Béland (WMCA).

About me

I am a French Canadian from the Gaspé Peninsula. I hold a degree in civil engineering and also have education in computer science and humanitarian aid. I am involved with different charities including the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Development and Peace, and the Knights of Columbus. I am the president of my local Catholic parish. I have managed several pro bono construction projects for different organizations that rely solely on donations such as Habitat for Humanity, youth centres, SPCA and food banks. Other than the Wikimedia projects, my areas of interest include metal music, Ingidenous peoples and languages of North America, Catholicism, and the military history of Canada. I speak English and French, and I currently live in the Canadian National Capital Region. I also lived in Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario.

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My involvement in the Wikimedia movement

I joined the French Wikipedia in 2006. I have contributed to other French projects including Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikinews, Wikiversity and Wikivoyage as well as Wikimedia Commons, Meta-Wiki, Wikidata and the English Wikipedia. I am the main author of several good articles on French Wikipedia and Wikivoyage. In fact, I wrote the very first good article of French Wikivoyage and created the first good topic on a Canadian subject on French Wikipedia. I am an administrator on different projects including the French Wikipedia and I have been a steward in the past. Since August 1st, 2018 I am an independant contractor for Wikimedia Canada as Institutional Advancement Manager.

I am involved with the Wikipedias in North American Aboriginal languages. I have created several test-Wikipedias in Native languages in the Wikimedia Incubator. I am the founder of the Canadian Aboriginal Languages Wikipedia Coordination group and Wikimedia Indigenous Languages. I have developed the strategic plan of Wikimedia Canada for the outreach to Canadian Aboriginal communities. In 2018, I founded the Wikimedians of North American Indigenous Languages User Group.

From September 2016 to June 2018, I was a Board Member and the Vice President of Wikimedia Canada. I am involved with the project Atikamekw knowledge, culture and language in Wikimedia projects. I organized the first and second editions of Wiki Loves Earth in Canada in 2017 and 2018. I have written Wikimedia Canada's Annual Plan and 5-year Strategic Plan, and the first annual grant of the chapter from the Wikimedia Foundation. Futhermore, I organized contribution workshops as part of the International Francophone Contribution Month and Art+Feminism.

I participated in the Wikimanias in Hong Kong in 2013, in Mexico City in 2015, in Montreal in 2017 and in Cape Town in 2018, to the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin in 2016, 2017 and 2018 as well as to Francophone WikiConventions in Paris in 2016 and in Strasbourg in 2017. I gave an interview to Wikimedia France about Wikivoyage: [1] (in French only).

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