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Hi Wikipedians,

i have been using the MediaWiki Software in a QMS Project to locally create and centrally distribute the documents required for ISO 9001 certification. That works for the user, as they learn the wiki mark up language fast and therefore everybody can contribute in his area.

I work on high resolution computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance tomography (MRI) as field of work for my master thesis in computer science. I would like to include some of my high resolution 3D reconstructed images to corrosponding wikipedia articles.

Feel free to contact me should you be seaking CT, MRI or computed radiography pictures of the human body. It's possible that i already have some of those in my collection or i could ask at the radiologic imaging center (Zeppelinzentrum diagnostische Radiologie, Karlsruhe, Germany) i work with if there is material in their database to create such pictures.

human foot, volume reconstruction technique from CT images, Video
human foot, high resolution reconstruction technique from CT, Video
computed tomography of soccer ball and shoe, 3D reconstruction from ct-scans , Video


AndreasHeinemann 11:33, 6 December 2005 (UTC)