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How to use this template[edit]

Note: The easiest way to nominate individual images for deletion is to click the "Nominate for deletion" link in the side bar. There's no need to fill this out manually.

  • do not "subst" this template
  • do not delete this template, delete the pages and files that embed it
  • use the following code on the image or page you think should be deleted:
  • reason — the explanation for why the page referencing this template needs to be deleted.
  • subpage — the subpage of Commons:Deletion requests on which the image nominated for deletion is listed (see below for explanation)
  • day, month, and year — the current day of the month, month as a word in English, and four-digit year, such as 1, January, and 2000, or for today:


The reason is mandatory. You only need to fill out the "subpage" parameter if you create the deletion request at a different subpage of Commons:Deletion requests than the image name. For example, if you nominate Image:Foo.jpg for deletion, and you create the subpage Commons:Deletion requests/Image:Foo.jpg, then you don't need to fill out the parameter. But if you nominate that image as part of a mass nomination, you will have to fill it out. For example you nominate all the images uploaded by a particular user for deletion. Then instead of creating 50 different subpage, you create just one, Commons:Deletion requests/Images uploaded by User XYZ, and then on all of the relevant images, you put this template with the parameter subpage=Images uploaded by User XYZ.

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