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A gallery of self-authored images -- almost all are {{PD-self}} or {{PD-user|AnonMoos}} (except those partially derived from images with other licenses), many are derived from PostScript vector source which is included on the image description page, and most of those originally uploaded as PNGs now have SVG counterparts.

Started Commons gallery Eye of Providence and greatly expanded Triskelion, Sexual identity symbols, and Mini dress. Main categories created by me were Category:Knots in art and decoration, Category:Propeller beanie, Category:Monograms of the name of Jesus Christ, Category:Grawlixes, Category:11 crossing number knots and links, Category:Plows, Category:Coats of arms of dioceses of the United States, Category:Diocese of Austin, Category:Hospitallers of the Holy Spirit, Category:Ouroboros, Category:Three faces on one head, Category:Big dipper in heraldry, Category:Hands of God, Category:Goddess movement - Thealogy symbols, Category:Gender differences, Category:Endless knot, Category:Shield of the Trinity, Category:Brunnian links, Category:Incomplete Borromean rings interlacings, Category:Tetragrammaton in triangle, Category:New Jerusalem, Category:Quis Ut Deus, Category:Israelites carrying grapes of Canaan, Category:Commissioning pennants, Category:Winged arrows in heraldry, Category:Irredentism, Category:Aristotle and Phyllis, Category:Old Babylonian period Queen of Night relief, Category:United States flag clothing, Category:United States flag bikinis, Category:Abduction of Helen, Category:Women with a crescent on their head, Category:14th century BC, Category:Proposed coats of arms, Category:Coats of arms of micronations, Category:Op art, Category:Tulipomania, Category:Orientalist paintings, Category:Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Category:Melusines in heraldry, Category:Monkeys in heraldry, Category:Coats of arms with unknown tinctures, Category:C-strings, Category:Kneeling with legs apart, Category:Grape stomping, Category:Salome with the head of John the Baptist, Category:Science humor, Category:Franc Malzac, Category:1812 Gerry-mander cartoon, Category:Bat Creek inscription, Category:Maurice Seymour, Category:Pentagrammaton, Category:Venus and Mars symbols, Category:Syria in the 2010s, Category:Giuseppe Poli, Category:Jesusland map, Category:Proposed Nordic cross flags of Germany, Category:Canterbury crosses, Category:Fontforge, Category:Robida - Sortie de l'opéra en l'an 2000, Category:Morphology (anatomy), Category:Ripon, Wisconsin, Category:Flags of the Russian-American Company, Category:Animal Farm, Category:Happy Human symbol, Category:Sexy nurse outfits, Category:Xmas, Category:Francesco Pavona, Category:Back-bend, Category:Antipodes maps, Category:2010s fashion, Category:Philosophy and the seven liberal arts, Hortus Deliciarum, Category:Guelphs and Ghibellines, Category:Conservapedia, Category:Gregorio Vásquez de Arce y Ceballos, Category:Francesco Simonini, Category:James Pitman, Category:Symbols of Zimbabwe, Category:Trinitarian cross, Category:Marian cross, Category:Overlapped Venus and Mars symbols representing heterosexuality, Category:Overlapped Venus and Mars symbols, Category:Fictional coats of arms from modern literature, Category:Greg Bear, Category:Flags of constructed languages, Category:Theosophy emblem, Category:Humor in heraldry, Category:JPEG, Category:Anti-soccer symbols, Category:Images including source code in their description, and Category:Generated by PostScript (also greatly expanded membership of Category:Crescents and Category:Heterosexuality soon after they were created).

Links to some images on similar themes which were uploaded to English Wikipedia (because they contain English text, are specific to articles on en, were small quick-and-dirty stopgaps to fill an immediate need, or were uploaded early in my Wikipedia editing):