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Iconol is a new icon set currently being created by User:Anpang01, and uploaded here on Commons, which was started on 29 December 2023. Why "Iconol"? I dunno, it just sounds like "Icon" but like, chemistry.

Contributions are welcome (you'll be credited).


  • There will be equivalents for Unicode symbols and emojis
  • The icons will be SVG
  • The files will have size 60px x 60px. The icon itself will be 50px x 50px, with borders 4px wide.
  • All icons will use a color palette, The Perfect Palette 2.0 by Alessio Benvenuto.

This is kinda like both an emoji set (like Twemoji) and a desktop icon set (like Tango).


On desktops, you can hover over the icons to see the filename and Unicode codepoint (if present) without having to go to the file page.