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Arcticfoxx's User Page[edit]


Welcome to my userpage. I'm a fairly new wikimedian. I'm from Jamaica but currently studying in Cuba to become a doctor (so yes I am quite fluent in spanish although it isn't perfect). I like a good nature shot or two... Im a fan of photos and of course, being a fan of photos I have tons of myself. I'm online 24/7 going through media here or on wikipedia.

A Little More About Me[edit]

Arcticfoxx in Havana

Well I have been recently converted into a little linux freak. I love computers. I'm no expert but i love working my way around them and learning new things everyday. I aslo was an athlete at some point in time during my high school life. I used to run 110m hurdles, 100m sprints etc. I also LOVE to sing. I love music. It's my life. I enjoy everything related to it and that includes dancing. I write my own songs when the inspiration hits me. I also play music. I play several instruments but unfortunately I am a master of none. (i think im probably best on the flute).

Preview My Song

(audio) Lean On Me
David Folkes' Single Lean On Me
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