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Wiki Academy Kosovo[edit]


  • Wiki Academy Kosovo

The goal of Wiki Academy Kosovo is to improve the quality and quantity of online content on Kosovo to better represent Kosovo to the world.

The Academy will bring together active online citizens and content experts and help them develop into skilled editors to write high quality articles and source high quality photos regarding Kosovo in categories such as culture, heritage, social issues, geography, institutions, economy and tourism.

During the Wiki Academy participants will meet wiki mentors and research experts from abroad and Kosovo, learn valuable research and drafting skills and meet others interested in expanding Kosovo’s reputation abroad.[1]

Arben Llapashtica[edit]

Ahmed Huduti[edit]

Agon Hasani[edit]

Irvi Hyka[edit]

Afrim Saphiu[edit]

Bujar Syla[edit]

Bujar Gashi[edit]

Shkumbim Rama[edit]

Brilant Pireva[edit]

Lendrit Pula[edit]

Shkumbin Saneja[edit]

Abdurahim Abdushi[edit]

Arian Ramaj[edit]

Shkumbin Vula[edit]

Agron Murtezi[edit]

Kaltrina Misini[edit]

Flamur Kastrati[edit]

Genc Buca[edit]

Vlonjat Gashi[edit]

Fahri Hoxha[edit]

Trim Kabashi[edit]

Besnik Hasanaj[edit]

Ardian Lumi[edit]

Fatmir Agushi[edit]