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I am born Aries Eroles. The second child of a soldier and public school teacher. All of my three siblings are females. And most of the family are women. So I got a lot of respect towards women and also inspiration. I'd learnt to write and recite the ABC from my mother before I went to school. When I was a child, at an age which the educational system provides, still young to go to school, I always go with my mother to her teaching assignments. Even how far it is, or mountainous, nothing seemed to worry to my childish mind. Then I seetled at home when I began schooling for Day Care. I remembered my Lola bringing stuffs of food and I am almost the center of every attraction during snack times. My Lola still have a lot of energy at that time, until in my highschool years when she got a Stroke because she persisted to toil in the ricefield in a wet and rainy day given her senile years. I graduated grade school with the second highest honor, only after my considered best friend then. My high school life is the most unforgetable and pretty years and that I always wish that years shall be repeated. High school days are very bright, and very inspiring. My crushes, yeah with s, although I never concealed my admiration to them until now, continue to make an arc in my lips to smile. I am a prototype of a serious person even to my happiest times in my life. Well, at least that is the way they think to me. But other people thought me as different. So, I got the award as the Most Dilegent even though that award might be perfect for the Validictorian. Well, I still finished my high school clinging on the last of the honor list. Because of my best friend's influence (I actually have two best friends - one is male, the other is female), I took the profession he also took. And that is, the maritime. Now, I am still working on my apprenticeship hoping to get my real degree soon.

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