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Images of books and writers I have scanned or photographed.

Roman Authors[edit]



Please see:



Pervigilium Veneris (anonymous, probably by Tiberianus)[edit]

The complete poem in codex S (the Codex Salmasianus):

The complete poem in codex T (the Codex Thuaneus or Pithoeanus, now Codex Parisinus 8071):

The complete poem in codex V (the Codex Sannazarii):

Neolatin Authors[edit]

Jacob Cats[edit]

Nikolaes Heinsius the Elder[edit]

Theodor Pulmann (also Pulman or Poelmann)[edit]

Please see Lucanus

Gregor Reisch[edit]

Please see User:Aristeas/Works of Art

Italian Authors[edit]

Giacomo Leopardi[edit]

French Authors[edit]

René Descartes[edit]

Michel de Montaigne[edit]

German Authors[edit]

Aloys Blumauer[edit]

Werner Böge (German mathematician)[edit]

Wolfgang Borchert[edit]

Theodor Haering[edit]

E. T. A. Hoffmann[edit]

Walter Jens[edit]

Justinus Kerner[edit]

Karl Christian Friedrich Krause[edit]

Samuel Gotthold Lange[edit]

Martin Opitz[edit]

August von Platen[edit]

Johann Gottfried Seume[edit]

Christoph Martin Wieland[edit]

Ex libris[edit]


Hint: if you need some of the images listed here in higher resolution, special quality etc. for special purposes, just let me know; maybe I can help. Use the E-mail this user feature, or drop me a note on my user talk page.