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A personal credits template for use with all my photographs and graphics that have been published under the combined licenses CC BY-SA 3.0 and GFDL 1.2.

This template generates an extension of the standard {{Information}} box. It explains how to use the picture correctly according to the terms of the license[s] (this should not be necessary, but it is), gives hints about creating derivatives from the picture and, that’s the main point, indicates how the picture should be attributed correctly in accordance with the license. In special cases which require an additional hint about the copyright or an extension of the default attribution, these hints can be specified by additional parameters for this template.

There are variants of this templates for the different licenses used for my pictures:

Why do I use these long and cumbersome names? In general “explicit is better than implicit”, so I want that the name of each credits template makes explicit which license it is referring to (instead of as if by magic producing some license ;–). And I also do not want to abbreviate too much here: Somehow it seems unfair to use some cryptic parameter values like 1, 2, 3 etc. for such an important point as the license.

This template should be used directly below the general {{Information}} template; if we don’t add a blank line in between, the new box is visually merged with the {{Information}} box. If the standard {{Location}} or {{Location withheld}} template is also used, it should go between the other templates, i.e. the best order is {{Information}}, {{Location}}, finally this template.


In most cases this template can be used without any parameters. For special cases, there are some optional parameters:

  1. (optional) Named parameter copyrighthint, to insert additional copyright hints into the attribution string.
    If this parameter is specified, the file will be auto-categorized into Category:Files by Aristeas - with special license hints.
  2. (optional) Named parameter permissionhint, to append additional permission hints to the attribution string.
    If this parameter is specified, the file will be auto-categorized into Category:Files by Aristeas - with special license hints.

For some hints about the implementation, please see the documentation of the internal implemenation.

Template preview[edit]

(required by the license)
© Roman Eisele / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 & GFDL ≥ 1.2
Using this picture new.svgCc-sa.svg
You can use this picture free of charge under the terms of either of the free licenses CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL (version 1.2 or any later). In particular, this means:
  • You must include the credit line (Attribution) given above in an appropriate place (next to the picture, or in your list of image sources, etc.), to establish a clear and reasonable link between the picture and the credit line. Please quote the credit line (Attribution) completely.
  • If you use this picture in projects not related to Wikimedia/Wikipedia (e.g., in a book, or on your website), please send me an Mail-closed.svg e-mail or leave me a message.
  • If you use this picture in printed media (e.g., in a book, for a postcard, etc.), please send me a sample copy. Thank you very much!
  • Mail-closed.svg Contact me if you need a special version of this picture, more information or any special permission.
Editing this picture
If you want to edit this picture for Commons, please upload your edited version using a new file name. My own version of this picture should be preserved and must be easily accessible. Please add the template {{Derived from}} or {{Extracted from}} to your version and use it to link to my original version of the picture. Thank you very much!