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Freely usable images I have not created myself, but collected from the Word Wide Web or transferred from local Wikipedia sites to Commons.

I have improved many of these images with GIMP or PhotoShop before uploading them, and always taken care to add a proper description and matching categories for them on Commons.



Engravings and Prints[edit]

Old Prints and Typefaces[edit]

Complete Books etc.[edit]


Owen Jones, Examples of Chinese Ornament (1867)[edit]

All 15 text pages, converted and transferred from a scan at the Internet Archive:

The 100 beautiful plates, most of them converted and transferred from a scan at the Internet Archive (for the missing ones, I have added scans from a newer reprint):

Misc. artworks[edit]


From Germany[edit]

From Italy[edit]

From France[edit]

From Spain[edit]

From Great Britain[edit]

From Greece[edit]

From Egypt[edit]

Stuff, Things, and Misc.[edit]