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Artic (a.k.a Robert Engelhardt), holds a degree in Computer Science, which essentially means he spends entirely too much time in front of a computer. This dosen’t necessarily mean he knows how to use a computer better than anyone without such a degree, it just means he knows a few more technical terms he can shout between curses as everything goes wrong.

Robert has been interested in bees and beekeeping for a while but has not yet had the ability to actually keep bees until this year (2005). Right now his intentions are to remain a hobbyist, but he would like to introduce the world to such an entreating and possibly even profitable hobby by beginning a Beekeeping Wiki Book and adding to other such Wikis.

Other than his interest in beekeeping, Robert also enjoys SCUBA diving, gardening, cooking and computer programming. If you play poker with Robert be aware that he is known to be a keen bluffer.

Robert can be contacted via e-mail at rheoneatgmaildotcom