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Artinpl is individual, non commercial and not sponsored by anyone, educational project to share knowledge about works of art nowadays and in the past in Poland.

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‎Advantages of digitalisation of work of art[edit]

  • it increase the value of the work of art, more people know it, more people wants to have it, hence the price at an auction can be significantly higher and it is easier to find a sponsor for renovation,
  • it increase the number of visitors to the institution displaying a well known work of art,
  • it increase the profit of an institution thanks to larger number of visitors and greater willingness to loan the work of art or purchase it's commercial reproductions by others,
  • it facilitates reaserch and accessibility of the institution.

‎Works of art correctly attributed or identified thanks to digitalisation and dissemination[edit]

‎Improved files[edit]

Despite or/and thanks to being known from trillions of reproductions the queue to see this effigy is always the largest in the Louvre.