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Amanda J. Schwartz[edit]

Amanda with Aerwyn.JPGGettin hitched.jpgMaking art.jpg

About Me[edit]

I have a very eclectic life history. Born in Iowa, my parents moved my brother and sister and me from Iowa to Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and finally Waynesville, North Carolina where I graduated High School. After graduation, I attended Art College in Philadelphia, at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I also played in the Philadelphia Sinfonia Orchestra which toured Russia and Finland, worked as a horse and carriage driver/history guide in Independence National Park, worked at the Russian United Benevolent Association, worked as a bartender, joined the Marine Corps as a combat correspondant(tough sounding name for journalist), married a fellow Marine, and am now attending Old Dominion on the G.I. Bill double majoring in Art History and Art Education. I have several hobbies. I like to fill my time with running, cooking, reading, painting, printmaking, playing with my two cats Ivan and Aerwyn ( as well as any other animals I can find), playig music, and hanging out with friends.

My Teaching Philosophy[edit]