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My name is Phil. I really don't know what to say in the introduction, so go ahead and just skip to about me section.

About Me[edit]

Here are a few facts about me:

  • Again, my real name is Phil
  • I attend a very expensive school
  • I actually have a social life
  • I still play a lot of video games
  • This means that I don't sleep much
  • Consequently, a redeye (bold coffee with a shot of espresso) is my favorite drink
  • I smoke cigarettes and weed
  • I like to eat shrooms
  • I'm half Asian, half white
  • I am a male
  • I am a heterosexual
  • Yes, I am single
  • I do not believe in true love but in degrees of tolerance
  • I am an agnostic
  • Prove to me that god exists, and I will love you forever

Life Goals[edit]

Honestly, all I want to do is have the necessities of life. All I need are a good girlfriend/wife, a great job, a house, and a boat by the age of 25.

Although, I wouldn't mind doing a few other things as well. For example, I would love to travel the world to experience and learn about the various cultures that the world has to offer.

If I could be anything in the world, I wouldn't wish to be anything or anyone else other than who I am now.

Life is great.


I love going to the beach. Often, I take a book and a chair to just sit out on the beach to relax.

Another activity that I enjoy is fishing. I don't judge when it comes to fishing: I love all types of fishing whether that may be surf-fishing, fly-fishing, deep sea-fishing, etc.

People will probably dislike me for this, but I love to smoke. I do party on occasions, but I'm not too gung-ho about binge drinking. Anyways, I digress. By smoking, I mean marijuana and cigarettes. If you are going to judge me based on that, you are an ignorant - possibly pompous - person. If you are, I have no reason to talk to you.