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A History of the World in 100 Objects[edit]

Photos that I have taken of the objects listed in A History of the World in 100 Objects. See also the A History of the World in 100 Objects gallery.

Object Title Photos taken by BabelStone
1 Mummy of Hornedjitef British Museum Hornedjitef.jpg
2 Olduvai stone chopping tool Olduvai stone chopping tool at British Museum.jpg
3 Olduvai handaxe British Museum Olduvai handaxe.jpg
4 Swimming reindeer
5 Clovis spear point Clovis spear point.jpg
6 Bird-shaped pestle
7 Ain Sakhri lovers figurine Ain Sakhri lovers figurine.jpg
8 Egyptian clay model of cattle Egyptian clay model of cattle 1.jpg Egyptian clay model of cattle 2.jpg
9 Maya maize god statue Maya maize god statue.jpg
10 Jomon pot British Museum Jomon pot.jpg
11 King Den's sandal label
12 Standard of Ur Standard of Ur front view.jpg
13 Indus seal
14 Jade axe British Museum jadeite axe.jpg
15 Early writing tablet Early writing tablet recording the allocation of beer.jpg
16 Flood Tablet British Museum Flood Tablet.jpg
17 Rhind Mathematical Papyrus
18 Minoan Bull Leaper
19 Mold Gold Cape Mold gold cape front view.jpg
20 Statue of Ramesses II Statue of Ramesses II at the British Museum.jpg
21 Lachish Reliefs
22 Sphinx of Taharqo Sphinx of Taharqo front view.jpg Sphinx of Taharqo oblique view.jpg
23 Chinese Zhou ritual vessel British Museum Kang Hou Gui Front.jpg British Museum Kang Hou Gui Side.jpg British Museum Kang Hou Gui Top.jpg British Museum Kang Hou Gui Text.jpg
24 Paracas textile
25 Gold coin of Croesus British Museum gold coin of Croesus.jpg
26 Oxus chariot model Oxus chariot model.jpg
27 Parthenon sculpture: Centaur and Lapith Parthenon sculpture depicting a centaur and a Lapith.jpg
28 Basse Yutz Flagons British Museum Basse Yutz flagons.jpg
29 Olmec stone mask British Museum Olmec stone mask.jpg
30 Chinese bronze bell British Museum Houma Bo.jpg
31 Coin with head of Alexander
32 Pillar of Ashoka Fragment of a pillar of Emperor Ashoka.jpg
33 Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone at the British Museum.jpg
34 Chinese Han lacquer cup British Museum Han Cup.jpg
35 Head of Augustus
36 Warren Cup
37 North American otter pipe British Museum otter pipe.jpg
38 Ceremonial ballgame belt British Museum ballgame belt.jpg
39 Admonitions Scroll
40 Hoxne pepper pot British Museum Hoxne Hoard Empress Pepper Pot.jpg British Museum Hoxne Hoard Pepper Pots.JPG
41 Seated Buddha from Gandhara
42 Gold coin of Kumaragupta
43 Silver plate showing Shapur II British Museum Shapur II Plate.jpg
44 Hinton St Mary Mosaic
45 Arabian bronze hand
46 Gold coin of Abd al-Malik
47 Sutton Hoo helmet
48 Moche warrior pot Moche warrior pot at the British Museum.jpg
49 Korean roof tile British Museum Korean roof tile.jpg
50 Silk princess painting
51 Maya relief of royal blood-letting British Museum Maya blood-letting relief.jpg
52 Harem wall painting fragments British Museum Harem wall painting fragments 1.jpg British Museum Harem wall painting fragments 2.jpg
53 Lothair Crystal
54 Statue of Tara British Museum Statue of Tara.jpg
55 Chinese Tang tomb figures British Museum Tang Camels.jpg British Museum Tang Horses.jpg
56 Vale of York Hoard
57 Hedwig glass beaker
58 Japanese bronze mirror British Museum Japanese bronze mirror.jpg
59 Borobudur Buddha head British Museum Borobudur Buddha head.jpg
60 Kilwa pot sherds British Museum Kilwa pot sherds.jpg
61 Lewis Chessmen Lewis Chessmen on modern chess board.jpg Some of the Lewis Chessmen.jpg
62 Hebrew astrolabe British Museum Hebrew astrolabe.jpg
63 Ife head
64 The David Vases The David Vases, 1351.jpg
65 Taino ritual seat Taino ritual seat at the British Museum.jpg
66 Holy Thorn Reliquary
67 Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy
68 Shiva and Parvati sculpture
69 Sculpture of Huastec goddess
70 Hoa Hakananai'a Easter Island statue Hoa Hakananai'a front view.jpg Hoa Hakananai'a rear view.jpg
71 Tughra of Suleiman the Magnificent
72 Ming banknote British Museum Ming banknote.jpg
73 Inca gold llama Miniature gold llama figurine.jpg
74 Jade dragon cup Jade dragon cup at the British Museum.jpg
75 Dürer's 'Rhinoceros'
76 The mechanical galleon
77 Benin plaque: the oba with Europeans
78 Double-headed serpent Double-headed serpent turquoise mosaic.jpg
79 Kakiemon elephants British Museum Kakiemon elephants.jpg
80 Pieces of eight
81 Shi'a religious parade standard Shi'a religious parade standard.jpg
82 Miniature of a Mughal prince
83 Shadow puppet of Bima
84 Mexican codex map
85 Reformation centenary broadsheet
86 Akan drum
87 Hawaiian feather helmet
88 North American buckskin map
89 Australian bark shield British Museum bark shield.jpg
90 Jade bi Jade bi with poem by the Qianlong emperor.jpg
91 Ship's chronometer from HMS Beagle British Museum Marine Chronometer.jpg
92 Early Victorian tea set Early Victorian tea set.jpg
93 Hokusai's 'The Great Wave'
94 Sudanese slit drum British Museum Sudanese slit drum.jpg
95 Suffragette defaced penny
96 Russian revolutionary plate See Russian revolutionary plate designed by Mikhail Adamovich on English Wikipedia
97 Hockney's 'In the dull village'
98 Throne of Weapons
99 Credit card
100 Solar-powered lamp and charger