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These are some stats about the usage of images on commons.

Here, an image is considered used if it is used by a wikimedia project outside of commons. Images used via instant commons are not counted. Some proofread page usages might not be counted. If an image is used more than once (which is common), it is only counted as a single usage. All data is queried via tools labs.

Total images[edit]

As of roughly right now (20:38, 5 July 2013 (UTC)) we have 17,649,274 images on commons. (Not counting old versions, or deleted images. Just a direct count(*) on image table)

Used images[edit]

See definition above about what a used image is. This does not include images used only on commons.

So the total number of unused images is:

MariaDB [commonswiki_p]> select count(img_name) from image LEFT OUTER JOIN globalimagelinks on gil_to = img_name where gil_to is null;
| count(img_name) |
|        10539394 |

Which means 7,109,880 images are in use outside of commons, or 40.3% of images are used.

By category[edit]

Some interesting categories (to compare how usage differs by upload methods and sources). Note, its too be expected that mass imports from glams initially don't have a lot of use as people still sort through the images. That's not a bad thing - their images have instrinsic value, unrelated to how often they are used in a Wikipedia article.

Category Total Used Percentage used
Images_from the_Canadian Copyright_Collection_at the_British Library 4381 112 2.56%
Images from_the German_Federal_Archive 82682 22789 27.56%
Uploaded with Mobile/Android 3153 241 7.64%
Uploaded with Mobile/Web 1931 400 20.71%
Uploaded with Mobile/iOS 1756 281 16.00%
Uploaded with Android WLM App 3634 1095 30.13%
Uploaded with VicuñaUploader 26225 4960 18.91%
Uploaded with Commonist 135,066 42487 31.46%
Uploaded with Up! 1347 36 2.67%
Uploaded with Open Access Media Importer‎ 12548 513 4.09%
Uploaded with UploadWizard 2,653,234 1,092,390 41.17%
Self-published work 7,428,603 3,455,083 46.51%

I re-ran the stats for Uploaded with Mobile/Web on 17:44, 3 June 2014 (UTC). There are now 15069 images uploaded, with 3949 used, for a 26.2% usage rate. It is important to note that these stats are somewhat biased as a large number of uploads from mobile web are deleted, which is not accounted for in these stats. The rate of deletion for mobile/web uploads is about 50-100% [1], compared to everything else having a rate of 5-10% [2].

The queries used for this section were as follows (Changing category name as appropriate. Used was calculated by taking total minus unused):

MariaDB [commonswiki_p]> select count(*) from image inner join page on page_namespace = 6 and page_title = img_name inner join categorylinks on cl_from = page_id and cl_type = 'file' LEFT OUTER JOIN globalimagelinks on gil_to = img_name where gil_to is null and cl_to='Images_from_the_Canadian_Copyright_Collection_at_the_British_Library';
| count(*) |
|     4269 |
1 row in set (0.09 sec)

MariaDB [commonswiki_p]> select count(*) from categorylinks where cl_type= 'file' and cl_to = 'Images_from_the_Canadian_Copyright_Collection_at_the_British_Library';
| count(*) |
|     4381 |
1 row in set (0.03 sec)

Uploads in a week[edit]

This was for the 7 days preceding June 17, 2013

  • 91,413 new files uploaded
  • 10,153 files were replaced with a new version
  • 7,452 were deleted + an additional 139 rev delete in file namespace.
  • A total of 86 admins deleted at least 1 file that week, 32 admins

deleted 10 or more files, INeverCry had the highest number of deletions, and is just slightly short of deleting 2 thousand files that week.

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