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Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, 1921 - 2008[edit]

Category:Military aircraft (perhaps Category:Military aircraft of the United States) Category:Operation Urgent Fury Category:Military Art of the United States Category:Hurricane Andrew Category:Hurricane Katrina Category:Hurricane Marilyn Category:Iraq War Category:Kosovo War Category:Operation Deny Flight Category:Operation Enduring Freedom Category:Operation Provide Promise Category:Operation Restore Hope Category:Operation Southern Watch Category:Operation Uphold Democracy Category:Gulf War (1990-1991) Category:September 11 attacks Category:Ships of the United States Navy Category:Tsunamis Category:John Abizaid Category:George H. W. Bush Category:George W. Bush Category:Frank Carlucci Category:Dick Cheney Category:Bill Clinton Category:William Cohen Category:Tommy Franks Category:Robert Gates Category:Saddam Hussein Category:William Perry Category:Ronald Reagan Category:Donald Rumsfeld Category:Norman Schwarzkopf Category:Caspar Weinberger Category:United Service Organizations Category:Bob Hope Category:Bob Hope and the USO

General Records of the Department of Commerce, 1898 - 2000[edit]

none in DPLA

Records of the Environmental Protection Agency, 1944 - 2006[edit]

New York (N.Y.) Chicago (IL) California Alaska New Ulm (MN) United States Federal Republic of Germany Republic of Croatia Republic of Austria Canada Serbia Pollution Natural resources Environmental protection

Records of the Bureau of the Census, 1790 - 2007[edit]

Alaska Chicago IL. Subjects Census Housing Population Census takers (Persons) Occupations Maps Tabulating machines Farms Economic conditions Agriculture, Cooperative Agriculture Women Manufacturing industries Labor Headquarters Farmers Census data African Americans

General Records of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1931 - 2003[edit]

none in DPLA

Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, 1826 - 2006[edit]

Africa Ajo (AZ) Alaska Anchorage (Alaska) Arizona Auburn (AL) Baltimore (Md.) Bar Harbor (Me.) Baxter State Park (Me.) Big Sur (CA) Birmingham (AL) Bodie (CA) Boulder City (NV) Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) Burley (Idaho) Carlsbad (N.M.) Cedar City (Utah) Cedar Creek State Park (AL) Cheaha Mountain Colombia Colorado Colorado River (CO-Mexico) De Soto State Park (Alabama) state park Death Valley (Calif. and NV) Denali National Park and Preserve (Alaska) Edisto Island (S.C.)1 Elmore State Park (Vt.) Fairbanks (Alaska) Geneva State Forest (AL) Gettysburg (Pa.) Glacier National Park (B.C.) Grand Canyon (AZ) Great Smoky Mountains (N.C. and TN) Gulf State Park (AL) (Baldwin County (AL)) state park Hawaii Isle Royale (MI) Jersey City (N.J.) Katmai, Mount (Alaska) Kodiak (Alaska) Little River State Forest (AL) Marengo Lake (AL) Merced River (CA) Mesa Verde National Park (CO) Mexico Micronesia Minidoka (Idaho) Minnesota Mississippi Mobile Bay (AL) Mohawk Trail State Forest (MA) Montgomery (AL) Moose Brook State Park (N.H.) Mount Vernon (Va.) Muscle Shoals (AL) Myrtle Beach State Park (S.C.) Niagara Falls (N.Y. and Ontario) North Platte (NE) Oak Mountain State Park (AL) Oklahoma Orland (Glenn, California) Pacific Ocean Palisades Park (N.J.) Patapsco Valley State Park (Md.) Potomac River Proctor-Piper State Forest (Vt.) Puerto Rico Quetico Provincial Park (Ontario) Rio Grande (Colo.-Mexico and TX) Saint Augustine (FL) Saint Croix (V.I.) Saint John (V.I.) Saint Thomas (V.I.) San Juan (P.R.) (Puerto Rico) Savoy Mountain State Forest (Massachusetts) Seward (Kenai Peninsula division) South Mountain Reservation (Essex county) Superior, Lake (North and Central America) Tennessee River Tidal Basin (Washington, D.C.) Turkey United States Utah Virgin Islands Virginia Washington (D.C.) Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (MT and Alta.) Weogufka State Forest (AL) West Virginia Wyoming Yakima (WA) Yellowstone National Park Yosemite National Park (CA) Zion (Utah) Civilians National parks and reserves Dams Military base Mountains Architecture Fishing Picnicking Irrigation Earthmoving machinery Building Swimming Hotels Forests and forestry Erosion Rivers Reservoirs Indians of North America Indian dance Deer Concrete Bears Animals Sugarcane Seaplanes Roads Parks Navajo Indians Livestock Indian reservations Indian craft Indian antiquities Highway construction Flood Farms Deserts Cattle Cargo ships Blasting African Americans Waterfalls Sheep Rural electrification Rodeos Parades Nature Moose Mines and mineral resources Lincoln Memorial (Washington, D.C.) Lakes Hiking Geology Electric engineering Dance Cowboys Children Canning and preserving Boats and boating Bicycles Archaeology American Civil War, 1861-1865 Zebra Youth Women's rights Weddings Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.) Volcanoes Trucks Tours Surveying Sugar Steel industry and trade Skis and skiing Siksika Indians Sihasapa Indians Sea lions Schools Sand Salmon Recreation Railroads Presidential elections Poliomyelitis Pima Indian Petroleum Oxen Ojibwa Indians Music Motorboats Lumber Locomotives Lions Islands Hospitals Horse racing Hopi Indians Gulls Golf Glaciers Giraffe

Records of the U.S. Marine Corps, 1775 - 9999[edit]

Tianjin (China) Philadelphia (Pa.) Montfort Point (N.C.) Vietnam War, 1961-1975 World War, 1939-1945 African Americans Training Spanish-American War, 1898 Nuclear weapons Nuclear testing Nuclear energy Civil defense Atomic bomb Women Labor American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 Naval battles Navajo Indians Military supplies Air bases

Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1860 - 1985[edit]

District of Columbia Pennsylvania New York Arkansas California Virginia North Carolina New Mexico Maryland Alabama West Virginia New Jersey Illinois Hawaii Florida Alaska South Carolina Rhode Island Nebraska Kentucky Kansas Georgia United States Socialist Republic of Vietnam Federal Republic of Germany Japan People’s Republic of China Republic of Guatemala Republic of France Libya Republic of Korea Kingdom of Thailand Kingdom of Cambodia Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Republic of El Salvador Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of the Sudan Islamic Republic of Iran United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Union of Burma Tunisian Republic Taiwan Republic of the Philippines Republic of Indonesia Republic of Cuba Repubblica Italiana Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Swiss Confederation Russian Federation România Republic of Peru American Civil War, 1861-1865 World War, 1939-1945 Indians of North America Soldiers African Americans Tanks (Military science) Airplanes Military bases Civilians Trucks Armed forces officers Infantry Ships Police Crowds American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 Vietnam War, 1961-1975 Military aircraft Women World War, 1914-1918 Inspections Automobiles Streets Speeches, addresses, etc Signs and signboards Public officers Military police Search and rescue operations Parades Military camps Machine guns Korean War, 1950-1953 Guards troops Children Armies Roads Landing operations Labor Airports Vehicles, Military Training Rifles Radio Landing craft Helicopters Flags Buildings Bombing, Aerial Women soldiers Mortars (Ordnance) Military helicopters Firearms Cities and towns Troop reviews Transportation, Military Spectators Rockets (Ordnance) Reporters and reporting Relaxation Photographers Meetings Germans Embarkation (Military science) Dance Artillery, Field and mountain Airplanes, Military Marching Howitzers Horses Guided missiles Face Bridges Telephone Riots Projectiles Military education Military convoys Honor guards Handwave Cheering Buses Armored personnel carriers Air bases Welcoming ceremonies Transportation Tours Sailors Refugees Piers Parachute troops Military uniforms Land mines Koreans International boundaries Hercules (Turboprop transports) Harbors Flame throwers Fires Congresses and conventions Coffins

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1793 - 1999[edit]

Cherokee Indian Reservation (N.C.) France Nevada New Mexico South Dakota United States Pima Indians Mission Indians of California Military bases Meat Laws, statutes, etc Law Inspections Indian sign language Indian land Indian dance Indian allotments Health Federal aid to Indians Farms Draft Distilling, Illicit Conduct of life Aleuts Wheeler-Howard Act, 1934 Religious matters Family World War, 1939-1945 Handicraft Poultry Indian reservations Indian clothing and dress Fishing Cooking Trapping Timber Political science Labor Indian dwellings Hunting Dakota Indians Clothing and dress Citizenship Cherokee Indians Wounded Knee Massacre, S.D., 1890 Weaving Water-supply Transportation Relocation of Japanese Americans, 1942-1945 Reclamation of land Pueblo Indians Public schools Prisons Pottery Indians of North America Indians Education Agriculture Economic development Welfare Natural resources Sihasapa Indians Housing Livestock Children Industries Arts Old age Aged Nutrition Ecology Schools Forests and forestry Education, Elementary Yakama Indians Wasco Indians Treaties Fishing rights Environmental protection Washo Indians Pine nuts Conservation Burial Cemeteries

Records of the Selective Service System, 1926 - 1975[edit]

Ohio World War, 1939-1945 Draft registration Draft

Records of District Courts of the United States, 1685 - 2004[edit]

Arlington County (Va.) Belmont (MA) Blackstone River Reservoir (R.I.) Chicago (IL) Clarendon County (S.C.) Colorado River Indian Reservation (Ariz. and CA) Fergus Falls (MN) Germany Havana (Cuba) Hawaii Japan Lercara Friddi (Italy) Memphis (TN) Montgomery (AL) Naval Station Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) Nebraska New York (N.Y.) Newburgh (N.Y.) North Dakota Pawtucket (R.I.) Pittsburgh (Pa.) Portland (Me.) Poston (AZ) Prince Edward County (Va.) Selma (Dallas county) inhabited place South Bend (Saint Joseph County (IN)) inhabited place Stowe (Lamoille, Vermont) inhabited place Topeka (KS) Vermont Chicago (IL) Montgomery (AL) Japan Portland (Me.) Fergus Falls (MN) Fugitive slaves Slavery Slave trade Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882 Emigration and immigration Pirates Hijacking of ships Dorr Rebellion, 1842 Filibusters (Political science) Civil rights Alien and Sedition laws, 1798 Segregation Education Smuggling Colfax riot, Louisiana, 1873 Japanese Americans Relocation of Japanese Americans, 1942-1945 Asian Americans Naturalization Slaughtering and slaughter-houses African Americans Race relations Minorities Human rights Discrimination American Civil War, 1861-1865 Patents Habeas corpus World War, 1939-1945 Jeans (Clothing) Fasteners Commercial products Clothing and dress Citizenship Business Labor unions Judicial branch Immigrants Freedom of speech Soldiers National security Legal matters Broadcast journalism Sedition Copyright Boxing Trials Selma-Montgomery Rights March, 1965 Segregation in education Motion picture film Mission Indians of California Martial law Jury Draft registration Baseball players Aircraft accidents World War, 1914-1918 Water rights Telegraph Tax evasion Singers School integration Prostitution Organized crime Oil well drilling rigs Murder Intelligence German Americans Criminal investigation Contracts Comic books, strips, Civil law Buildings Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas Baseball Automobiles Aliens

Records of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 1956 - 2008[edit]

Alabama (N.Y.) Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut River Delaware Florida Georgia Georgia (Republic) Guam Hawaii Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky River (Ky.) Louisiana Maine Marshall Islands Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington (D.C.) Washington County (MN) West Virginia Wisconsin Hurricanes Hurricane Katrina, 2005 Severe storms Disaster relief Tornadoes Hurricane Ike, 2008 Public officers Housing Hurricane Rita, 2005 Voluntarism Wildfires Tropical Storm Fay, 2008 Hurricane Gustav, 2008 Hurricane Wilma, 2005 Hurricane Dolly, 2008 Dams Fire Training Snow Terrorism Civil defense Nuclear weapons Nuclear testing Nuclear energy Atomic bomb Typhoons Hurricane Floyd, 1999

General Records of the Department of State, 1763 - 2002[edit]

United States Russian Federation People’s Republic of China Hellenic Republic United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Republic of Panama Republic of Ecuador Repubblica Italiana Kingdom of Thailand Highway construction High schools Hay Harness racing Grasses German prisoners of war Gasoline French and Indian War, 1755-1763 Forest fires Food adulteration and inspection Rivers Restaurants Rationing Potsdam Conference, 1945 Police Pigeons Picnicking Pharmaceutical industry Peace treaties Parades Parachutes Packaging Oxen Nurses Nursery schools Newspapers Neon lamps National parks and reserves Mountains Meat industry and trade Lumber Locomotives Landscape Jeep automobile International relations Industries Hydraulic engineering Hurricanes Horse shows Home economics Communism Clothing trade Banks and banking Astronomy Architecture American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 Women Wheat Water Vaudeville Underground movements, War Tunnels Tuberculosis Trees Toys Tornadoes Theaters Theater Textile industry Teachers Surveying Students Street-railroads Street cleaning Storms Steel industry and trade Statues Shipbuilding Sheep Science Katyn Massacre, Katyn, Russia, 1940 Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany, 1961-1989 Boxer Rebellion, China, 1899-1901 Bridges World War, 1939-1945 World War, 1914-1918 Reconstruction (1939-1951) Cities and towns Automobiles Snow Railroads Parks Office buildings Korean War, 1950-1953 Housing Windows Urban transportation Trucks Shopping centers Ships Schools Retail trade Pan-Americanism Milk Mathematics Horses Forests and forestry Electric lighting Education Economic assistance

Records of the Bureau of Ships, 1940 - 1966[edit]

Ships Sailing ships Submarines (Ships) Destroyers (Warships) Battleships American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 American Civil War, 1861-1865 World War, 1939-1945 Steamboats Homefront Aircraft carriers African Americans

Records of the Forest Service, 1870 - 2008[edit]

Allegheny National Forest (Pa.) Anvil Lake (WI) Bay Furnace Campground (MI) Bell Smith Springs (IL) Big Pines Picnic Area (MI) Brevoort Lake (MI) Butternut Lake (WI) Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (WI) Chippewa National Forest (MN) Clark Lake (MI) Clear Lake (MI) Colwell Lake (MI) Cranberry Mountain (WV) Current River (United States) river Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial Plantation (IN) Eagle River (WI) East Seelye Bay (MN) Foley Creek (MI) Franklin Lake (WI) Glendale Lake (Pa.) Green Mountain National Forest (Vt.) Hiawatha National Forest (MI) Hoosier National Forest (IN) Horse Shoe Bend Lake (Ga.) Hungry Jack Lake (MN) Huron-Manistee National Forests (MI) Illinois Imp Lake (MI) Iowa Island Lake (MI) Kabekona Bay (MN) Kiasutha Recreation Area (Pa.) Kinzua (Pa. : Deserted settlement) Lake Owen (WI) Little Smoky Creek (WI) Loda Lake (MI) Loggers Lake (Mo.) Loon Lake (MI) Los Padres National Forest (CA) Lost Lake (WI) Luzerne Pond (MI) Manikiwa (MI) Marion Lake (MI) Mark Twain National Forest (Mo.) McCormack Lake (Mo.) McGee Hill (IL) Meramec Springs (Mo.) Michigan Michigan, Lake Minnesota Missouri Modoc National Forest (CA) Mondeaux Flowage (WI) Mono Basin (CA) Mono Lake (CA) Monongahela National Forest (WV) Monroe Lake (Ohio) Nesbit Lake (MI) Nichols Lake (MI) Noblett Lake (Mo.) North Dakota Norway Lake (MI) Norway Lake (MN) Ochoco National Forest (Or.) Ohio Old Grade Campground (MI) Ontonagon (MI) Ottawa National Forest (MI) Peterson Bridge Campground (MI) Pigeon Lake (WI) Pike Bay (MN) Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest (IN) Pounds Hollow (IL) Rollways Campground (MI) Ruby Lake (MN) Saint Helens, Mount (WA) Saint Ignace (MI) Sand Lake (MI) Sawbill Lake (Cook county) lake Shawnee National Forest (Pope, Illinois) forest Six Mile Campground (Chippewa National Forest (MN)) camp Smokehole Recreation Area (Pendleton, West Virginia) recreation area Soldier Lake (Chippewa County MI) lake South Kawishiwi Campgrounds South Kawishiwi River (Lake, Minnesota) river Spring Mill State Park (Lawrence County (IN)) state park Stony Point (Cass county) recreation area Stuart Recreation Area (Randolph, West Virginia) recreation area Superior National Forest (Lake, Minnesota) forest Sylvania Tell City (IN) Third River (MN) Turners Mill (Mo.) United States Vermillion River (MN) Vesuvius, Lake (Ohio) Walker Bay (MN) Wanoka Campground (WI) Wayne National Forest (Ohio) Wisconsin Timber management Recreation Forest management Forests and forestry Camp sites, facilities Animals Trees Plantations Industries Fire Wilderness areas Hunting Game and game-birds Lakes Administration buildings Canoes and canoeing Fire extinction Nurseries (Horticulture) Planting (Plant culture) Signs and signboards Tree marking Boats and boating Logging Flood control Conifers Pine Red pine Sawmills Equipment and supplies Insect control Land use Winter sports War damage Roads Park rangers Tree felling Exhibitions Fire lookout stations Camps Deer Forest thinning Forest products Hardwoods Loading and unloading Forest products industry Species Public works Browsing (Animal behavior) Waterfalls Visitors' centers Log skidding Fur-bearing animals Resorts Fisheries Timber Grazing Camping Agriculture, Cooperative Waterfowl Log transportation Trails Clearcutting Windstorms Wild rice Historic sites Winter Girl Scouts Flowers Fires Warehouses Seedlings Birds Rivers White spruce Recreation areas Pruning Historical marker Dams Seeds Indians Beavers Ponds Surveys Packing for shipment Watersheds Slashburning Feeds Reproduction, Asexual Oak Mines and mineral resources Management Schools Patrol airplanes Highway construction Excavation Aspen Machinery Garages Spraying Marketing

Records of Naval Districts and Shore Establishments, 1784 - 2000[edit]

Pacific Ocean Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) Philadelphia (Pa.) Philippines Squantum Point Warships Navy-yards and naval stations Ship maintenance and repair Shipbuilding Ships World War, 1939-1945 Merchant marine Women Japanese Leyte Gulf, Battle of, Philippines, 1944 Kamikaze pilots Liberty ships Submarine warfare Merchant ships Nutrition Cities and towns Battleships Torpedoes Submarines (Ships) Sailors Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941 Naval maneuvers Baseball

Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1903 - 2006[edit]

France Mars Space sciences Life on other planets Astronautics Women in astronautics Space flight to the moon Space flight Scientific satellites Planets Interplanetary voyages Earth sciences Congresses and conventions

Records of the War Relocation Authority, 1941 - 1989[edit]

California Manzanar World War, 1939-1945 Homefront Relocation of Japanese Americans, 1942-1945 Concentration camps

Records of the U.S. Senate, 1789 - 2011[edit]

Alabama Alaska Chicago (IL) Dakota Territory Detroit (MI) Florida Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico New Orleans (La.) New York (N.Y.) North Carolina Oklahoma Orange (N.J.) Rhode Island San Francisco (CA) South Carolina Utah Virginia Wyandotte County (KS) New Deal, 1933-1939 Earthquakes Comic books, strips, Censorship Women Child labor Slavery Civil rights African Americans Voting Rights Act of 1965 Reconstruction Juvenile delinquency Banks and banking Women's suffrage Women's rights Vietnam War, 1961-1975 Vetoes Veterans Trail of Tears, 1838 Tariff Statehood (American politics) Separation of powers Red Scare Public lands Public domain Presidential impeachment Poll tax Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941 North American Indian relocation National school lunch program Museums Mortgage loans Mexican War, 1846-1848 McCarthyism Housing policy Homestead law Frontier and pioneer life Foreclosure Equal rights amendments Constitutional amendments Communism Cold War Civil Rights Act of 1964 Cherokee Indians

Records of the Office of Government Reports, 1932 - 1947[edit]

World War, 1939-1945

Records of the Bureau of Reclamation, 1889 - 2008[edit]

Colorado River (CO-Mexico) Hoover Dam (Ariz. and NV) McPhee Reservoir (CO) United States Women Labor Water resources development Rivers Irrigation Indians of North America Excavations (Archaeology) Dams Baskets Agricultural engineering

Records of the Solid Fuels Administration for War, 1937 - 1948[edit]

Mines and mineral resources Coal mines and mining

Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1762 - 1984[edit]

Maryland South Carolina Spanish-American War, 1898 American Civil War, 1861-1865 Vicksburg (Miss.), Siege of, 1863 Gettysburg, Battle of, Gettysburg, Pa., 1863 Fugitive slaves

Records of Commissions of the Legislative Branch, 1928 - 2007[edit]

September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001 American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 Terrorism Naval battles Indians of North America

Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers, 1789 - 1999[edit]

Astoria (Or.) Canada Egypt Fort Crockett (TX) Fort Laramie National Historic Site (WY) Japan Manhattan (New York, N.Y.) Mississippi Nicaragua Rocky Mountains South Carolina United States Virginia Coast defenses Artillery American Civil War, 1861-1865 Nuclear weapons Nuclear testing Nuclear energy Civil defense Atomic bomb World War, 1939-1945 Cities and towns Military camps Military bases Discovery and exploration

Records of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1839 - 2008[edit]

Washington D.C. Subjects Territories and possessions Surveys Expeditions and surveys Indians of North America Games Weapons Transportation Photographic interpretation Hunting Education Cooking Agriculture Aerial photography

Records of the War Production Board, 1918 - 1947[edit]

Pennsylvania World War, 1939 -1945

General Records of the Department of the Navy, 1941 - 2004[edit]

Adak Island (Alaska) Alaska Antarctica Anzio (Italy) Attur (India) Australia Berlin (Germany) Borneo Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea) Canal Zone Cavalaire-sur-Mer (France) Cherbourg (France) China Chuuk (Micronesia) Corregidor Island (Philippines) Dartmouth (England) Dieppe (France) Enewetak Atoll (Marshall Islands) England Ford Island (Hawaii) France Fuji, Mount (Japan) Galápagos Islands Germany Gilbert Islands Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) Guam Hawaii Hebrides (Scotland) Hong Kong (China) Honolulu (Hawaii) Indian Ocean Indochina Italy Iwo Jima (Volcano Islands, Japan) Japan Kerama Islands (Japan) Kiska Island (Alaska) Korea Kwajalein Atoll (Marshall Islands) Leyte Island (Philippines) Luzon (Philippines) Majuro Atoll (Marshall Islands) Malay Peninsula Manila (Philippines) (Philippines) inhabited place Marseilles (France) Marshall Bennett Islands (Papua New Guinea) Marshall Islands Miami (N.M.) Milan (Italy) Monte-Carlo (Monaco) Nagasaki-shi (Japan) Namur Island (Marshall Islands) Naples (Italy) New Britain Island (Papua New Guinea) New Caledonia New Georgia Group (Solomon Islands) New Guinea New Ireland Island (Papua New Guinea) New Orleans (La.) New Zealand Normandy (France) North Sea Oahu (Hawaii) Okinawa (Japan) Okinawa Island (Japan) Pacific Ocean Palau Islands Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) Peleliu Island (Palau) Philippines Plymouth (England) Rendova Island (Solomon Islands) Rhine River Rockland (Me.) Roi Georges, Îles du (French Polynesia) Rome (Roma) inhabited place Russia Saipan Seine, Baie de la (France) bay Shanghai (Shanghai Shi, China) inhabited place Shanghai Shi (China) municipality Sicily (Italy) region Solomon Islands (Oceania) island group Sun (Solar System) star Suribachi-yama (Iwo Jima (Volcano Islands, Japan) ) hill Switzerland (Europe) nation Taiwan Tarakan Island (Indonesia) Tarawa Atoll (Kiribati) Tinian (Northern Mariana Islands) Tokyo (Japan) Tokyo-wan Bay (Japan) Toulon (France) Tunisia Vanuatu Vella Lavella (Solomon Islands) Volcano Islands (Japan) Wake Island Yokosuka-shi (Japan) Airplanes Ships Landing craft Destroyers (Warships) Firearms Invasions Aircraft carriers Battleships Explosions Cruisers (Warships) War relief of sick and wounded War damage Antiaircraft guns Boats and boating Battles Prisoners of war Naval battles Tanks (Military science) Smoke Military supplies Bombs Amphibious warfare Bombing, Aerial Soldiers Fires Harbors Bombardment Trucks Rites and ceremonies Flags Japanese Armed forces officers Ammunition Tracked landing vehicles Naval officers Docks Sailors Air pilots Military task forces Tracers (Ammunition) Dead Antiaircraft artillery Submarines (Ships) Airports Marines Jeep automobile Hellcat (Fighter planes) Binoculars Rockets (Ordnance) Fortification Artillerymen Offensive (Military science) Military convoys GMC Duck (Military truck) Saipan, Battle of, Northern Mariana Islands, 1944 Military hospitals Mines (Military explosives) Shorelines Landing operations Airships Signs and signboards Amphibious operations Patrol boats Military bases Military aircraft Smoke screens Islands Tank landing ships Salvage (Waste, etc.) Marching Guards troops Barges Vehicles, Military Lookouts (Military art and science) Flame throwers Indigenous peoples Hospitals Intrenchments Camouflage (Military science) Saluting Mountains Splashes Persons Booty (International law) War casualties Spectators Ships bridges Construction equipment Air warfare Telephone Railroads Physicians Communications, Military Buildings Clothing and dress Rifles Inspections Grenades Torpedoes Storm surges

Records of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1876 - 1959[edit]

United States Washington D.C. Subjects Cities and towns Reclamation of land Natural resources Indians of North America Environmental protection Ecology Women Labor

Records of the U.S. Information Agency, 1900 - 2003[edit]

Afghanistan Austria Berlin (Germany) Camp David (Md.) China Cuba (North and Central America) island Denver (CO) Detroit (MI) Dublin (Ireland) Ethiopia Europe France Germany Iran Ireland Isbergues (France) Israel Kansas Los Angeles (CA) Miami (FL) Minneapolis (MN) Montana New York (N.Y.) Nicaragua Salzburg (Austria) South Africa (Africa) nation Soviet Union United States Vietnam Virginia Washington D.C. Yonkers, NY. Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany, 1961-1989 Social history Civilization International relations Cities and towns World War, 1939-1945 Urban transportation Presidential elections Entertainers Summit meetings Space shuttles Katyn Massacre, Katyn, Russia, 1940 Civil rights Arms control Women Water-power Vice-Presidential candidates Refugees Presidential candidates Labor Elections Economic assistance Congresses and conventions Visits of state Television Sports Pressure groups Political conventions Olympics Manned space flight Education Drug abuse Dams Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940 Astronauts Art Women astronauts Whales Weather forecasting Weather Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.) Vietnam War, 1961-1975 Urban policy Universities and colleges Tree planting Therapeutics Theaters Theater Terrorism Strikes and lockouts Speeches, addresses Space flight Smoking Shipping Science Russians Rural electrification Rescue work Renewable energy sources Religion Rain forests Public welfare Primaries Poultry Popular culture Politics and government Political cartoons Pianists Persian Gulf War, 1991 Pan-Americanism Opera Nuclear energy Newspapers National monuments Music Mines (Military explosives) Military bases Medicine Medical care Media Legislation Lasers in surgery Labor unions Irrigation Iran-Contra Affair, 1985-1990 Iran Hostage Crisis, 1979-1981 International cooperation Industries Inaugurations Inauguration Day Icebergs Hurricanes Housing Gasoline Funeral rites and ceremonies Fourth of July Forests and forestry Forest products Federal government

Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1918 - 2000[edit]

Almond (N.C.) Asheville (N.C.) Atlanta (Ga.) Bean Station (TN) Beersheba Springs (TN) Benton (Ky.) Bryson City (N.C.) Butler (TN) Calloway County (Ky.) Calvert City (Ky.) Caryville (TN) Chattanooga (TN) Cherokee County (N.C.) Cherry Grove (TN) Chickamauga Dam (TN) Clinton (TN) Colbert County (AL) Columbia (TN) Concord (TN) Dandridge (TN) Dayton (TN) Decatur (AL) Ducktown (TN) Eddyville (Ky.) Eva (TN) Fayetteville (TN) Flintville (TN) Florence (AL) Fontana Dam (N.C.) Fontana Village (N.C.) Fort Sanders (Knoxville, TN) Friendsville (TN) Gibson County (TN) Gilbertsville (Ky.) Great Falls Lake (TN) Great Smoky Mountains (N.C. and TN) Guntersville Lake (Ala. and TN) (United States) reservoir Harriman (TN) Harrison (TN) Hiwassee (N.C.) Humphreys County (TN) Jefferson County (TN) Johnson City (TN) Judson (N.C.) Kingsport (TN) Kingston (TX) Knoxville (Ky.) Lenoir City (TN) Lincoln County (TN) Linden (TN) Lost Creek (TN) Loudon County (TN) Louisville (Ky.) Louisville (TN) Manchester (TN) Margerum (AL) Maury County (TN) Morganton (N.C.) Murphy (N.C.) Murray (Ky.) New Tazewell (TN) Newport (TN) Nickajack Lake (TN) Norris Dam Cave (TN) Norris Dam State Park (TN) Ocoee, Lake (TN) Paducah (Ky.) Paris (TN) Parsons (TN) Perkins (IN) Perry County (TN) Perryville (TN) Pickwick Dam (TN) Pickwick Landing Reservoir Ringgold (Ga.) Ripley (MS) Riverton (AL) Roane County (TN) Rock Island (TN) Rockford (TN) Rockwood (TN) Savannah (Hardin, Tennessee) inhabited place Scottsboro (Jackson County (AL)) inhabited place Shady Grove (Coffee, Tennessee) inhabited place Sheffield (Colbert county) inhabited place Soddy-Daisy (Hamilton county) inhabited place Sulphur Creek (Benton county) creek Tazewell (Va.) Tellico Plains (TN) Tennessee Toccopola (MS) Trenton (Ga.) Trenton (TN) Trigg County (Ky.) Tuscumbia (AL) Union County (Ga.) Unitia (TN) Vasper (TN) Waterloo (AL) Wheeler Dam Village (AL) Water projects Rural areas New Deal, 1933-1939 Cherokee Indians Electricity

Records of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1789 - 2011[edit]

Arizona Arkansas Atlanta (Ga.) Baltimore (Md.) Hawaii Idaho Kansas Monongalia County (WV) Nantucket Island (MA) Ohio Oregon Saint Albans (Vt.) Seattle (King county) inhabited place Selma (Dallas county) inhabited place Tennessee Texas United States Washington (D.C.) Wisconsin Wyoming Civil rights Women African Americans Voting Rights Act of 1965 Reconstruction Child labor Slavery Women's suffrage Women's rights Mexican War, 1846-1848 Watergate Affair, 1972-1974 Veterans Taxation Suffrage Separation of powers Race discrimination Prohibition Presidents Presidential impeachment Poll tax Naturalization National school lunch program Korean War, 1950-1953 Impeachments Immigrants Equal rights amendments Discrimination in employment Constitutional amendments Cities and towns

Records of the National Park Service, 1785 - 2006[edit]

Utah Oregon Willows (Md.) Parks Monuments Recreation Ocean Natural resources Tourism Indians of North America Pottery American Civil War, 1861-1865 Weapons Public lands Lifesaving Horsemanship Forests and forestry Environmental protection Conservation Canoes and canoeing Camps Boy Scouts Baskets Animals

Records of the Smithsonian Institution, 1871 - 1952[edit]

Indians Indians of North America Women Labor Agriculture

Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs, 1860 - 1952[edit]

New York (N.Y.) United States Washington (D.C.) American Civil War, 1861-1865 World War, 1914-1918 African American soldiers Indians Suffrage Women Labor Katyn Massacre, Katyn, Russia, 1940 Indians of North America Cities and towns Ships Steamboats Little Bighorn, Battle of the, Mont., 1876 Indian scouts Crow Indians Battleships

Records of the Work Projects Administration, 1922 - 1944[edit]

Arlington (Va.) Atlantic City (N.J.) Beverly Hills (CA) Boston (MA) Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.) (Cattaraugus, New York state) borough California Chicago (IL) High Point (N.C.) Long Island (N.Y.) Los Angeles (CA) Massachusetts Matanuska (Alaska) Michigan Millville (N.J.) Minnesota Mississippi New England New Jersey New York New York (N.Y.) Palisades Park (N.J.) Paterson (N.J.) Providence (R.I.) San Bernardino (CA) San Diego (CA) San Francisco (CA) United States Washington (D.C.) West Virginia New Deal, 1933-1939 Depressions Industries Welfare Women Labor Nursery schools Military bases Highway construction Civilians Theater Arts Sewage Schools Public schools Education Cities and towns Sewing Mountains Fishes Dams Buildings Braille Airports Slums Search and rescue operations Playgrounds Horses Home economics Forest fires Floods Building Bridges Automobiles Architecture Winter sports Weaving Toys Street-railroads Sports Ship models Roads Recreation Public opinion polls Pottery Police Piers, Eber Parades Paleontology Painting Orphanages Mural painting and decoration Lungs Lumber Landscape Jazz Indians of North America Hurricanes Hospitals Hodgson, Leslie Historic buildings Handicraft Flood control Fire stations Federal aid to the arts Fairs Elephants Dance Cycling Criminal investigation Clothing and dress Circus Camels Bands (Music) Art Architectural drawings--1910-1960 Archaeology American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 Agriculture, Cooperative African Americans Adult education

General Records of the Department of the Navy, 1804 - 1983[edit]

Chicago (IL) Germany Los Alamos (N.M.) New York (N.Y.) San Francisco (CA) Solomon Islands (Oceania) island group Washington (D.C.) World War, 1939-1945 Warships Soldiers Military art and science Aeronautics, Military War casualties Ships African Americans Battleships Aircraft carriers Atomic bomb Nuclear testing Relaxation Nuclear weapons Nuclear energy Civil defense Women soldiers Women Labor Training Submarines (Ships) Naval battles Flood control Destroyers (Warships) Dams Basketball Baseball teams Airplanes, Military Airplanes Cruisers (Warships) Spring training (Baseball) Ship models Naval art and science Military bases Military aircraft Indians of North America Homefront

Records of the Office of War Information, 1926 - 1951[edit]

Africa, North Alaska Arctic Ocean Arizona Arlington (Va.) Australia Baltimore (Md.) Boston (MA) Brazil British Columbia Buenos Aires (Argentina) (Cauca, Colombia) Buffalo (N.Y.) California Canada Cedar Falls (Iowa) Chicago (IL) Chile China Chinatown (San Francisco, CA) Corregidor Island (Philippines) Detroit (MI) Egypt Ethiopia Florida Fort Lee (Va.) France Germany Great Britain Greece Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA) Houston (TX) Hyde Park (Dutchess County, N.Y.) Illinois India Iran Japan Jersey City (N.J.) Kitty Hawk (N.C.) Lake Placid (N.Y.) London (England) Louisiana Luxembourg (Luxembourg) Maine Manila (Philippines) (Philippines) Mexico Mexico City (N.M.) Michigan, Lake Montana Monterrey (Mexico) Montford Point (N.C.) Morocco Moscow (Russia) Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Delhi (India) New Guinea New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York (N.Y.) New Zealand Niagara Falls (N.Y. and Ontario) Normandy (France) Norway Nuremberg (Germany) Ohio Panama Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) Philippines Pittsburgh (Pa.) Poland Pompeii (Extinct city) Puerto Rico Rhine River Richmond (Contra Costa county) Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Russia Saguenay River (Québec) San Francisco (CA) Seattle (King county) Shanghai (Shanghai Shi, China) South Africa (Africa) Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) Texas Tokyo (Japan) Toronto (Ontario) Turkey Tuskegee (AL) United States Vatican City Warm Springs (Ga.) Washington (D.C.) Yugoslavia World War, 1939-1945 African Americans Arts Cities and towns Homefront Parades Labor Women Aircraft carriers Relaxation Air warfare Training Tanks (Military science) Lend-lease operations (1941-1945) German prisoners of war Airplanes Refugees Naval battles American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 Women soldiers Airplanes, Military Air bases War crime trials Urban transportation Underground movements, War Rockets (Ordnance) Cruisers (Warships) Battleships Artists Volcanoes Transportation, Military Steel industry and trade Shipyards Ships Search and rescue operations Seaplanes Savings bonds Ocean liners Navy-yards and naval stations Naval art and science Military bases Military aircraft Indians of North America Helicopters Folk dancing Dogs Dams Chinese Artillery Winter sports V-2 rocket Surfing Submarine chasers Snow Sheep Sailing Repatriation Railroads Quintuplets Production (Economic theory) Petroleum industry and trade Pan-Americanism Nurses Media Lumber Italian prisoners of war Infantry Inauguration Day Gunnery Funeral rites and ceremonies Forests and forestry Fishing Elephants Dwellings Destroyers (Warships) Concentration camps B-29 bomber Automobiles Armies Animals Amphibious operations Airships Aeronautics Wildlife management War crimes Voting Villages Victory ships Typhoons Trials Tours Tennis tournaments Tankers

Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General, 1774 - 1985[edit]

World War, 1914-1918

Records of the Children's Bureau, 1908 - 2003[edit]

Child labor Tennis Sports Physical education and training Baseball Athletics

Records of the Bureau of Land Management, 1685 - 2006[edit]

Natural resources Louisiana Purchase Livestock Forests and forestry Environmental protection Conservation

Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1787 - 2004[edit]

Japan Chicago (IL) Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882 Emigration and immigration World War, 1914-1918 German Americans Aliens Labor unions Labor disputes Labor Communism

Records of St. Elizabeths Hospital, 1820 - 1987[edit]


Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations, 1900 - 2003[edit]

Africa Arctic Ocean Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands) Boston (MA) Buenos Aires (Argentina) (Cauca, Colombia) inhabited place California Canaveral, Cape (FL : Cape) Cape Canaveral (FL) Chile Congo (Democratic Republic) Cuba (North and Central America) island Dayton (Ohio) Death Valley (Calif. and NV) Detroit (MI) Downey (CA) Dublin (Ireland) Enewetak Atoll (Marshall Islands) Florida Fort Benning (Ga.) Frankfurt am Main (Germany) Germany Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, CA) Great Britain Greenland Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) Hawaii Hiroshima-shi (Japan) Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Homestead Air Force Base (FL) Hong Kong (China) Honolulu (Hawaii)1 Hoover Dam (Ariz. and NV) India Iran Japan Keflavík (Iceland Kinshasa (Congo) Kobe-shi (Japan) Korea Kyoto (Japan) Lakehurst (N.J.) Las Vegas (NV) Libya London (England) Managua (Nicaragua) Manila (Philippines) (Philippines) inhabited place Marshall Islands Massachusetts Mekong River Delta (Vietnam and Cambodia) Miami (FL) Michigan Nagasaki-shi (Japan) Nevada New Brighton (MN) New Guinea New Mexico New York New York (N.Y.) New Zealand Newfoundland and Labrador Nagasaki-shi (Japan) Japan Vietnam Hiroshima-shi (Japan) Washington (D.C.) Nicaragua Niigata-shi (Japan) Norway Offutt Air Force Base (NE) Ohio Opa-locka (FL) Osaka (Japan) Paris (France) Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) Peru Philadelphia (Pa.) Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Riverside (CA) Rome (Roma) inhabited place Russia Sacramento Peak (N.M.) San Antonio (TX) San Francisco (CA) Santa Barbara (CA) Seattle (King county) inhabited place Seoul (Soul-t'ukpyolsi, Korea (South)) Shanghai (Shanghai Shi, China) Soviet Union Sun (Solar System) star Sunnyvale (Santa Clara County (CA)) Suwon (Kyonggi-do, Korea (South)) Tachikawa (Japan) Tehran (Iran) Texas Tokyo (Japan) Turkey Udon Thani (Thailand) United States Uruguay Vietnam Virginia Washington (D.C.) Washington (State) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Ohio) Yokota (Japan) Korean War, 1950-1953 Buildings Civilians Air pilots Factories Equipment and supplies Cities and towns Rites and ceremonies Trucks Airmen Military aircraft Ships Signs and signboards Occupations War damage Targets (Military science) Flags Bombs Vietnam War, 1961-1975 Soldiers Schools Harbors Streets Special operations (Military science) Fires Electronic instruments Bridges Flight crews Bombing, Aerial Aviation ground crews Maps Machinery Landscape Railroads Radio Airport Walls Drawing Church buildings Briefings Towers Recreation Night warfare Mountains Hiroshima-shi (Japan) bombardment, 1945 Armed forces officers Tanks (Military science) Shrines Power-plants Photography Persons Parachutes Hangars Guided missiles Telephone Tanks Runways (Aeronautics) Radar Military police Inspections Insignia Guards troops Fighter planes Cryptoexplosion structures Combat Warehouses Vietnamese Training Rivers Parades Ordnance Military research International relations Food Dead Clothing and dress Boats and boating Air bases Weapons War relief of sick and wounded Testing Rockets (Ordnance) Photographers Offensive (Military science) Nagasaki-shi (Japan) bombardment, 1945 Monuments Military readiness Headgear Germans Freight transportation Dinners and dining Artillery Armed forces Ambulances World War, 1939-1945 Transport planes Speeches, addresses, Search and rescue operations Sailors Railroad stations Air bases Air pilots Airmen Airport control towers Airports Argentines Armed forces Automobiles Awards Bands (Music) Battlefields Beaches Binoculars Brazilians Bridges British Buildings Carts & wagons Chileans Clocks and watches Clouds Colombians Costa Ricans Cubans Dead Decorations of honor Dinners and dining Dominicans (Dominican Republic) Electronic instruments Engines Fires Flags Flight crews Foot Fountains Gardens Gas masks Gates Guatemalans Hangars Harbors Headgear Historic sites Hoisting machinery Honor guards Hotels Inclined planes Insignia Inspections Interviews Landscape Limousines Loudspeakers Maintenance Maps Marching Mechanics Mexicans Military aircraft Military police Monkeys Monuments Nurses Operational rations (Military supplies) Parachutes Parades Parking lots Parrots Persons Photography Police Radio Radio stations Recreation Reporters and reporting Rescue work equipment and supplies Resorts Rites and ceremonies Roads Runways (Aeronautics) Salutations Schools Signs and signboards Snow Stadiums Stages (Platforms) Streets Swimming Toucans Tourists Training Trucks Tugboats Vaccination Volcanoes Batista y Zaldívar, Fulgencio, 1901-1973. Chennault, Claire Lee, 1893-1958 Hood, Reuben C. (Reuben Columbus), 1907-1985 Kuter, Laurence Sherman, 1905-1979 McBride, Horace L. (Horace Logan), 1894-1962 Sweeney, Walter C. (Walter Campbell), 1909-1965 Whitlock, Lester J. (Lester Johnson), 1892-1971 Yeager, Chuck, 1923- Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 - ) Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. Albrook Air Force Station. (09/18/1947 - 09/1997) Argentina Atlantic Ocean Brazil Buenos Aires (Argentina) Chile Colombia Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador Lima (Peru) Mexico City (N.M.) Nicaragua Panama Panama Canal (Panama) Peru Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Uruguay Venezuela

Records of the Committee on Fair Employment Practice, 1940 - 1946[edit]

World War, 1939-1945 Military-industrial complex Discrimination in employment

Records of the Patent and Trademark Office, 1836 - 1978[edit]

Sports Golf Telephone Telegraph Jukeboxes

Records of the U.S. Food Administration, 1917 - 1920[edit]

World War, 1914-1918 Labor unions Judicial branch Intelligence German Americans Freedom of speech Food Criminal investigation Civil rights Aliens

General Records of the United States Government, 1778 - 2006[edit]

Tennesee Hawaii Alaska Illinois United States Constitution Suffrage Civil rights African Americans War of 1812 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Treaties Slave emancipation Relocation of Japanese Americans, 1942-1945 Reconstruction Pledge of Allegiance Nuclear weapons testing bans Navajo Indians Monopolies Korean War, 1950-1953 Indians of North America Chinese Child labor Child health Bill of Rights Antitrust law Agriculture

Records of the U.S. Coast Guard, 1785 - 2005[edit]

Bodie Island (N.C.) Hawaii Luzon (Philippines) New York Harbor (N.Y. and N.J.) San Francisco (CA) World War, 1939-1945 African Americans Ships Navigation Cutters (Ships) Search and rescue operations Relaxation Cargo ships Seaplanes Buoys Transports Training Smuggling Sailing ships Sabotage Railroads Oceanography Navy-yards and naval stations Naval battles Military education Merchant marine Lighthouses Lifeboats Jeep automobile1 Initiations (into trades, societies, etc.) Icebergs Ice-breaking vessel Hospital ships Helicopters German prisoners of war Fires B-24 bomber Atomic bomb Architecture Airplanes, Military Airplanes Air bases

Records of the Office of the Chief of Ordnance, 1797 - 1988[edit]

none in DPLA