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The galleries on this page hold all of the images I've uploaded to the Commons.

Licensing information is included in each section.

As a courtesy (but not a requirement!), please e-mail me if you use one of these images outside of Wikipedia. Thanks!


All of my photos are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States license, unless otherwise noted.

Alfred pictures[edit]

Flowers and plants[edit]

Geneseo pictures[edit]

London and Paris[edit]

Walt Disney World pictures[edit]

Random pictures[edit]

Mom’s pictures[edit]

The images in this section were taken by my mother, but I uploaded them and hold the copyright, just for convenience :-)

Musical images[edit]

All images in this section are released into the public domain.


All of my diagrams are released into the public domain unless otherwise noted.



Harry Potter[edit]

Math, physics, and engineering[edit]

Icons for Wikimedia projects[edit]


Not my images[edit]

These are images which other people made and which I only uploaded; I'm listing them here mostly for convenience. Licensing info is noted for each entry separately.

Superseded or obsolete images[edit]

These images should never be used; they have all been superseded, and are listed here only for reference.