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But you're not really a Commons user, are you? The ugly face of gatekeeping on Commons.[edit]

There's an extremely tiresome trend here among a small but vocal portion of "power users" to be openly hostile to users they perceive as being "from other projects" in particular the English Wikipedia. You may have had an account for a decade or more, and made a few thousand edits, over a hundred uploads, and participated in various prior discussions without it being a problem, but if you run afoul of these gatekeepers, you will be branded as an outsider and they will try to discount your opinion simply because Commons is not your "home wiki". Don't let them get away with it. The purpose of Commons is to support other projects with easily accesible free images, it is not supposed to be a members-only clubhouse only for those who consider Commons their home wiki. It's a nasty, underhanded way to discount valid opinions and should always be called out. Users from all projects should be welcome and valued here.