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Benoy a Darjeeling lover
Benoy Thapa

A Wikipedian (joined in 2006) hailing from the hilly region of Darjeeling town, India. I am immensely in love with my hometown Darjeeling and its people. We, along with a group of people (citizens of Darjeeling), who loves Darjeeling, started the The Darjeeling Initiative with an aim to promote Darjeeling and its allied areas and started the 10 days event known as Darjeeling Carnival. Love Darjeeling Tea (some extensive info on Darjeeling Tea if you are interested), love traveling to numerous tea gardens with my daughter - It has always proved heaven! Currently I work as a tea merchant in Darjeeling associated with my small tea company known as "Thunderbolt Tea".

I know I haven't been active much here, but will be becoming with more of contributions to follow! So keep a trail on me :)

Welcome to Darjeeling - Its the nicest place on earth! Hope to bump into each other if you are here :)