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This is my page. Unless otherwise noted pictures I made shoud be in the public domain. I.e. if I forgot to add a license tag, that's probably what it should be. But beware: sometimes I upload pictures made by some one else, these of course need not be public domain. In case a license is missing or when you're having doubts, drop a message here.

Public Domain means that you can use my pictures for whatever purpose you want without paying or giving credit. Nevertheless, both are welcome if you really want to.

Pictures made by myself[edit]

Pictures of my region and hometown[edit]

University of Twente pictures[edit]

These pictures have been made while walking over the campus terrain. Some are made during sunny periods, some during rain, some of nice buildings, some of ugly buildings.

Pictures of Enschede[edit]

Pictures elsewhere in Twente[edit]

Other regions and places[edit]


Saint Petersburg[edit]

Graves at Alexander Nevsky Monastery[edit]

Other pictures[edit]



Pictures made by Harold[edit]