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Modelli pre-confezionati[edit]

Mia foto[edit]

== {{int:filedesc}} ==
|Description ={{It|''descrizione in italiano''}}
|Source = image taken by [[User:Beta16|Beta16]] using a digital camera
|Date = created on [[2007-08-15]]
|Author = [[User:Beta16|Beta16]]
|Permission = I release this image under the license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Italy, based on Italian law.

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Stemmi comuni[edit]

Non caricare su Commons, ma su!

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|Description =
{{en| Coat of arms of ..., [[Italy]]}}
{{it| Stemma del Comune di [[:it:...|...]] ([[:it:Provincia di ...|Provincia di ...]])}} 
|Source = for kind concession of the site []
|Date = 
|Author = Massimo Ghirardi, Carletto Genovese and/or Bruno Fracasso
|Permission = the site release this image under the license GNU Free Documentation License; see authorization [[:it:Wikipedia:Autorizzazioni ottenute/Stemmi|here]] (in italian).
|other_versions =

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[[Category:Coats of arms of the cities and villages of Marche]]


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