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Bjenks is the username of Western Australian contributor Brian Jenkins, a long-term campaigner for human rights and trade justice.

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Declared interests[edit]

Brian Jenkins is currently (2003- ) the Australian national coordinator for the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) which aims to provide a circuit-break for intractable global problems resulting from pursuit of misplaced self-interest by richer nations and the compulsion of international competitiveness. ISPO is into gently persuading all politicians that globalism is about peace and productivity for all peoples— and against destroying the planet for the profit of a few, including the 'worthy' and the 'good'.


He is married to a former Australian Democrats senator but has himself no party political affiliation. Formal studies have included philosophy at the University of Sydney, early English and media studies at Macquarie University and political science at the University of Western Australia in Perth. He has been a typographer, editor, advertising and PR professional and has current interests in writing, humanitarian and ecological activism, photography and old cars.