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This is a gallery of images that I have contributed to the Wikimedia Commons. This gallery does not include images for which I made only minor changes; see my upload log for a full list of files I've uploaded. I have a similar gallery in the English Wikipedia.

Restriction-free images[edit]

None of the images in this section have any restrictions on their use (i.e., they are in the public domain or they are copyrighted with all rights released).

My photographs[edit]

Toadstool Geologic Park[edit]

6 July 2005[edit]
13 March 2007[edit]

My drawings[edit]

Modifications of existing images[edit]

Freely licensed images[edit]

Images in this section are modifications of existing images that were licensed under free licenses, such as the GFDL, that require me to release my modifications under the same license. Consequently, these images do come with certain restrictions, though they are considered to be freely licensed and are usable by anyone for any purpose, subject to the terms of the license.