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Possible copyright violations I am trying to reconcile[edit]

This is a private list of files which possibly constitute a copyright violation but whose uploaders have probably acted in good faith. I make attempts to contact these people and resolve the issue with them, which might result in anything of the following: fixing attribution, providing permission in appropriate way, contacting the actual author and acquiring a permission ex post, removal of the offending image. Please refer from acting upon files listed here unless they were added before at least a month or two, as their premature removal (assummed to be temporary in hope that problems may be fixed) might further complicate the dealing process. If I do not hear back from the uploader for a while, or if copyright violation is confirmed in communication with the uploader and no other solution to fix the issue is find, I will eventually nominate the image for deletion myself. The main purpose of this list is that I do not forget to act even if there is no echo from the uploader.