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Favorite Flags Below. they are not Based off my Political Ideologies[edit]

Flag of Somaliland until 1996.svg Flag of Libya.svg Flag of Libya (1977–2011).svg Flag of Somaliland (Orange).svg Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg Flag of the Free State of Ikaria.svg Flag of the Red Cross.svg Rose Island Micronation flag.svg Flag of Greece.svg Flag of Estonia.svg Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1998).svg Flag of Minnesota.svg Flag of Afghanistan.svgFlag of Afghanistan (1928–1929).svg Flag of Afghanistan (1992–2001).svgFlag of Afghanistan (2004–2013).svg Military flag of the United States.svg Flag of Nepal (with spacing, aspect ratio 4-3).svg Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (state).svg Flag of Serbia and Montenegro (2003–2006).svg Flag of Serbia (2004–2010).svg Flag of Montenegro (1994–2004).svg Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svgFlag of the Republic of Benin.svg New England pine flag.svg Flag of The Imamate of Oman.svg Flag of Quebec.svg Flag-of-Redwing-Minnesota.png Flag of Oman (Orange).svg Flag of Tripoli reported.svg Flag of Cyrenaica.svg Flag of Iraq (1991–2004).svgProposed flag of Iraq (Coalition Provisional Authority, 2004).svg Flag of Kurdistan.svg Flag of Syria 2011, observed.svg Flag of St. Paul, Minnesota.svg Flag of Rochester, Minnesota.svg Flag of Minneapolis.svg American revolution bicentennial Flag.svgFlag of Provo, Utah (1985–2015).svgFlag of Reno, Nevada.svgFlag of OPEC.svgFlag of Republic of Cochinchina.svgFlag of Yap.svgFlag of the Pitcairn Islands.svgKingman flag.pngFlag of NATO.svgFlag of the Northwest Territories.svg Falg of Qalubiya Governorate-Move.gif Flag of Hungary (1949-1956).svg Flag of Haiti (1964–1986).svg Flag of Romania (1952-1965).svg South African Olympic Flag 1994.svg Flag of Egypt.svg Flag of Afghanistan (2002–2004).svg Syrian National flag.svg