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This documentation is transcluded from User:Botev/license/doc.

Private license tag of user Botev.

I describe my images in English and Polish language, which are chosen for display automatically depending on your profile settings. To add a desription in your own language, please define the parameter desc_lang as indicated below. Note that if any of those parameters is defined, all language versions are displayed.

File description

If you see the following code in the image page:

{{User:Botev/license|A church in Poland|Kościół w Polsce|2007-07-15}}

and wish to add the German and French version of the description, do the following:

{{User:Botev/license|A church in Poland|Kościół w Polsce|2007-07-15|desc_lang={{de|Eine Kirche in Polen}}{{fr|Une église en Pologne}}}}

License text

If you wish to add another language version of the license, please refer to {{User:Botev/license/lang}}.