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Change Ringing[edit]

The examples of Change Ringing I have posted are useful but could be improved. If anyone is able to help, here are links to the files with specifications of how they were made and ideas for improvement.

Change Ringing Files[edit]


Midi Voice Glockenspiel This was the closest I could get to the right sound. Observations:
  • It’s a good imitation of hand bells.
  • It sounds clear.
  • It’s unlike the sound of church bells
Pitch Tenor (the lowest sounding bell) = E2 in Scientific pitch notation This was the lowest I could go with the rendering staying in tune!
Speed 180 crotchets (quarter notes) per minute Perhaps a little slow for change ringing but more accessible to the lay audience.
Stereo spacing The bells are spread evenly from treble on the far left channel to tenor on the far right channel. having stereo spacing is something of a conceit but it echoes the rope movement you see when those changes and methods are rung in a church tower and it’s what you hear when they are rung on hand bells.

Ideas for improvement[edit]

Better voice The examples I have posted are similar to the sound of hand bells but nothing like church bells. Is anyone able to help?
Recordings The examples I have posted are clear and help the lay audience understand the mathematics of change ringing, but they are not the authentic sound. If anyone has or could make recordings of actual ringing that would be valuable.