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Exclam icon.svg   CategoryWatch is malfunctioning and has been disabled for now. It is unlikely to start to work soon.

To create your own CategoryWatch, do the following:

  • Choose a page where the index will reside, and select the pages you want to index.
  • Add somewhere on that page the following configuration template:
  • You can add up to 100 categories.
  • The default setting is that at changes up to 24 hours are shown. You can change this by setting |interval=.... The maximum interval is 2160 hours (30 days).
  • Put on the page somewhere where you want to show the index the following code: <!--category watch--><!--category watch-->.
  • You can customize the item template, by creating your own version of User:BryanBot/CategoryWatch/Item and specifying that as template parameter.
  • The index will be hourly updated.

See for example User:SB Johnny/Categories.