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Hi, see my French wikipedia page for info and to discuss (please don't let messages here, but contact me on french wiki page in french, spanish or english, as I dont't verify this discussion page very often. Thanks).

Uploaded Images Galery

I take pictures of special and unusual places where I go, like on this French frigate :

View of an Air France Airbus A380.jpg

This one is an Airbus A380 viewed from inside another A388 !

Fregate Forbin - front view.JPG

This is a nice view of the Charles De Gaulle Aircraft Carrier taken from Forbin frigate at sea:

Charle de gaulle depuis Forbin.JPG

The most used picture on Wikipedia projects taken by me is this one of a Mallet Locomotive :

Mallet Locomotive.jpg

I use a Sony Cybershot 10,1 mega pixels. This is a very small camera, with a wonderfull picture quality, good response to light conditions, and easy to keep in a pocket.