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Just see already...if you wan't some personal dirt.

Basically I just upload some of the photos that I take. I take a lot of pictures which may or may not be appropriate for Wikimedia/Wikipedia. I generally always license them CC-BY-SA as long as they don't have recognizable people in them, so feel free to plunder my Flickr and upload away if you think the photos can be of use here. All I ask is that you leave a note on my talk page telling which shots you have uploaded, as I do sometimes go on a spree and upload my own shots. It seems to come and go in spurts. Also, I only upload shots resized to 1600px on the long side to Flickr, so depending on which camera I am using for any particular shot...the original will be much larger. Eventually I get around to replacing all shots other folks upload from my flickr to here with the original size. Here's an Image Gallery of all my photographs (that I know of) that either me or someone else has uploaded to commons.

Here's a link to my flickr account. Again, I encourage anyone who wants to to go ahead and upload any shots that may be useful here: