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Hi! I'm CQ@Wikiversity, CQ@Wikipedia, CQ@Wikitionary, CQuinton@Wikibooks, CQuinton@Commons, Quinobi@Meta, and others... You can call me Charley. On FreenodeIRC, I go by yeoman.

I believe that Wikimedia is a metacommunity and the Commons is the glue that holds it all together. Talk to me!


My main workspace is at Wikiversity. I do music, starting with basic Blues & Rock and working toward particularly Jazz and Jamming Online. I'm also an ecovillager working on a special farm in Illinois, USA with a focus on Agroecology and sustainable farming.

I dabble in Computer Science and programming, and I'm working on the MediaWiki Project to learn more about and help further improve MediaWiki.


I am co-founder of the Wikipedia Community Builder's TaskForce and am interested in sociological aspects of the Wikipedia metacommunity.


I'm developing some concepts for interlingualism involving computational linguistics, using Wiktionary as a corpus. The Interlingual Beta Club is a group focused on communicating across language barriers and political boundaries to share Culture.