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Deutsch: Dies ist eine Liste der Galerien für alle Fotos von mir genommen, die auf Wikimedia Commons hochgeladen wurden.

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English: This is a list of galleries for all photographs taken by me that have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. The galleries are determined by location, with the images within each gallery shown in chronological order. Clicking on an image will load its file page, which always shows an image description and copyright status, plus in some cases geocoding information and annotations.[1] Captions are used to link to file talk pages which note past deletion requests and external use (use outside Wikimedia Foundation projects).[2]

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  1. Geocoding information is not always given if I have been unable to re-locate the site of which a photograph was taken. From December 2011 onwards, I am mitigating this problem through use of a GPS tracking unit (called an EasyTag) on my Nikon D3100 camera, which adds location metadata directly to photographs, that are viewable upon upload to Commons.
  2. For popular images, exhaustive listing of image use externally is not practical, resulting in only the first page of Google Images "reverse image search" results, those of particular interest to me, and sources brought directly to my attention, being listed. Anyone is free to add further sources to such lists as appropriate.