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English: Bernadette Simpson is a teacher, writer, and dabbler in photography who appreciates and supports free educational material relevant to different cultures. You can view more photos of Egypt on her photoblog, Escapade through Egypt: All images on the photoblog are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license.


<gallery> Image:Juvenile Night Heron GizaZoo.JPG|Juvenile Night Heron, Giza Zoo Image:Black Crowned Night Heron GizaZoo2.jpg|Black Crowned Night Heron, Giza Zoo Image:Nile Valley Sunbird in Plants.jpg|Nile Valley Sunbird, Luxor, Egypt Image:White Pelican bills from above.JPG|White Pelican bills, Giza Zoo Image:Eastern White Pelican pelacanus onocrotalus.JPG|White Pelican, Giza Zoo Image:Night Heron stretched neck GizaZoo.JPG|Night Heron, Giza Zoo Image:Camey up close.jpg|Dromedary camel, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt Image:Dromedary camel dahab egypt.jpg|Camel, Assilah Village, South Sinai, Egypt Image:Dragonfly3.JPG|Dragonfly, Ma'adi, Cairo, Egypt Image:Negev Tortoise Luxor.JPG|Tortoise, Guesthouse, Luxor, Egypt Image:KONAFA.JPG|Konafa, Egyptian sweet Image:Kishk.JPG|Kishk, Egyptian dish Image:Baladi bread.JPG|Baladi bread, Egypt Image:Dahab Egypt Phoenix dactylifera.JPG|Phoenix dactylifera, Palm trees, Dahab, Egypt Image:Flower Hibiscus Sabdariffa.jpg|Hibiscus flower, Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt‎ Image:Yellow oleander.jpg|Yellow oleander, Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt Image:Incense.jpg|Incense, Souq el Maadi, Egypt Image:Sacs of spices.JPG|Sacs of spices, Bab el Khalq, Cairo, Egypt Image:Colorful plastic ramadan lanterns.jpg|Ramadan lanterns, Souq el Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Image:Lanterns from below.JPG|Ramadan lanterns from below, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Image:Blank papyrus paper.jpg|Papyrus Paper, Egypt Image:Dahab View from dive shop.JPG|View from dive shop, Dahab, Egypt Image:Hammam Musa.JPG|Hammam Musa (Moses' Bath), South Sinai, Egypt Image:View of Nuweiba Port.JPG|Nuweiba Port, South Sinai, Egypt Image:Nuweiba Tarabeen.JPG|Nuweiba Tarabeen, South Sinai, Egypt Image: Camel hoof.jpg|Camel Hoof Tree, Cairo, Egypt <gallery>