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Could not locate a ticket for this image[edit]

With regard to the above image, you included a {{tl|PermissionOTRS}} template when this image was originally uploaded. This template is supposed to be added by an [[COM:OTRS|OTRS]] agent after permission has been verified. The correct template to use if you have sent in a permission email to [[COM:OTRS|OTRS]] is {{tl|OTRS-pending}}. Did you send an email to [[COM:OTRS|OTRS]]? If so can you provide the ticket number as I can not locate any [[COM:OTRS|OTRS]] ticket that appear to be related to this image. Without a valid [[COM:OTRS|OTRS]] ticket this image is subject to deletion as per [[Commons:Licensing|Commons:Licensing]]. Please let me know if you received an [[COM:OTRS|OTRS]] ticket number related to this image. --~~~~