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Hey there! I'm Victor Rault, documentary filmmaker and photographer. I created the Captain Darwin projet in 2020: it's a sailing journey around the world, in the wake of English naturalist Charles Darwin. In each country he visited in the early XIXth century, I'm documenting how landscapes and biodiversity have changed over the course of two centuries.

Map of the voyage of the HMS Beagle

My boat is a 38-feet steel sloop built for exploration of remote areas. She can withstand heavy weather and can navigate several weeks in complete autonomy thanks to her solar panels and wind turbine.

The Captain Darwin, my boat

Captain Darwin is an educational project aiming at building a sustainable society, where citizens are collectively taking care of Nature around them. To do that, I'm sharing pictures and videos of the world's biodiversity and telling the story of how it is impacted by human activity. Please feel free to use the below images as you wish.