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Egyptian Museum Munich, November 22, 2014[edit]

Ultimate Dinosaur Exhibit, Royal Ontario Museum, August 1, 2012[edit]

San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego, April 24, 2012[edit]

National Aquarium, Baltimore, April 5, 2011[edit]

Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna (November 14, 2010)[edit]

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (November 13, 2010)[edit]

Burgess Shale Fossils at the Royal Ontario Museum (June 11, 2010)[edit]

Plates from Grafton Elliot Smith's "The Royal Mummies", from 1912[edit]

Images from the Reserve Head article from the "Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin, Vol. XIII Boston, April, 1915"[edit]

Toronto Orchid Show, April 11, 2009[edit]

Caribbean Pictures (March 2009)[edit]

Canadian Air and Space Museum (February 21, 2009)[edit]

Vale Inco Limited Gallery of Minerals at the Royal Ontario Museum, January 18, 2009[edit]

Thu Sep 18 20:51:45 EDT 2008[edit]

Mon Sep 15 22:06:15 EDT 2008[edit]

Mon Sep 15 19:20:01 EDT 2008[edit]

Natural History Museum, London (August 23, 2008)[edit]

Petrie Museum, August 21, 2008[edit]

Ancient Egyptian Galleries at The British Museum, August 19 and 21, 2008[edit]

Items from Other Galleries at The British Museum, August 2008[edit]

Shanghai Museum, May 27, 2008[edit]

Fenian Monument, Toronto, July 5, 2008[edit]

Ontario Science Centre (June 2008)[edit]

Redpath Museum, Montreal (June 2008)[edit]

Shanghai Museum (May 27, 2008)[edit]

Paleozoological Museum of China (May 23, 2008)[edit]

Mon May 19 00:00:53 EDT 2008[edit]

Sun Dec 30 23:28:26 EST 2007[edit]

Updates/Edits to Existing Pictures (Ongoing)[edit]

Scottish Festival, Fergus, August 2007[edit]

Monterey Bay Aquarium, April 2007[edit]

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, March 2007[edit]

Royal Ontario Museum (March 2007)[edit]

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Museum (March 2007)[edit]

Denver International Airport (March 2007)[edit]

Rosicrucian Egyptian museum (February 2007)[edit]

Egyptian galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (February 2007)[edit]

Egyptian galleries at the Brooklyn Museum (January 2007)[edit]

Sun Jan 21 08:20:37 EST 2007[edit]

Sun Jan 21 00:55:50 EST 2007[edit]

Ancient Egyptian Gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum (December 2006)[edit]

Pictures from the Egyptian Museum, Berlin (November 2006)[edit]

Pictures from the Pergamon Museum, Berlin (November 2006)[edit]

Picture from Georgian Bay, Ontario (August 2006)[edit]

Pictures from Monaco (March 2006)[edit]

Royal Ontario Museum dinosaur galleries (September 2005)[edit]

Pictures from the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto (September 2005)[edit]

Picture from St. Tropez, France (January 2004)[edit]

Pictures from Lullingstone Villa, England (May 2001)[edit]