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Jesus loves us
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Where's your humor sense? on the floor? then you can find me with the nick Carliitaeliza on freenode!
Born Carliitaeliza
november 27,1895
Residence Unknown
Nationality Chilean
Other names Carla a princess of the King Jesus
Occupation Worship vía social networks
Years active 2-3
Home town Santiago
Religious beliefs Christian
Partner(s) Holy Spirit
Parents Juana and Luis

Hello,I'm Carliitaeliza a Common uploader since 2011 (?).

I feel good taking pictures of nature like the word say "everything created by the right hand of God" it includes flowers,hills,humans in special works, and every thing you think is related to Nature.Jesus bless!

a test file type gif

Little Gallery of contributions to Commons[edit]

Lol Plaza de Providencia Plaza de Providencia Centro Comercial Centro comercial Cupcake Pink Flower Chilean Flag  Chilean Police

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