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CBarlow is my name on Wikipedia, and I have been using it here in the commons


I am Connie Barlow, and you can see my user name and biography on Wikipedia here:

Only recently have I begun uploading my own IMAGES when working on a wikipedia page.

I was unaware that my User name in Wikipedia did not carry over into Wikimedia.

I was just informed that some of the many pictures I uploaded over the past month for my work on the Wikipedia pages Torreya taxifolia (and possibly Torreya californica too) have been questioned because my CBarlow user name was never made official on the commons.

So now I am doing that.

My bio and publications in the real world are at:

I am also on Researchgate.

I am the channel owner of the YOUTUBE channel ghostsofevevolution, and I recently uploaded some of the thumbnails and screen captures from those videos. All video thumbnails for the Torreya Guardians group, of which I am founder and webmaster, can be seen on a video page there with titles, summaries, and links to youtube:

I hope this solves the problem that KING OF HEARTS pointed out. I will now go onto that red-lined CBarlow user page — that I was unaware existed — and paste this reply into that too.

Cbarlow (talk) 10:07, 28 July 2022 (UTC) Connie Barlow = CBarlow on both WIKIPEDIA and WIKIMEDIA.